Fans Can't Handle The Fact That Beyonce Skipped The Grammys

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In what may end up being the most talked-about moment from the show (on social media, at least), it looks like Beyonce skipped the 2018 Grammys and Twitter is freaking out. While many assumed that Bey would, in fact, attend this year's show — seeing as how her husband, JAY-Z, racked up eight nominations — viewers got a quick glimpse of Hov sitting front row... and Bey was noticeably MIA.

UPDATE: Beyoncé was later spotted in the audience, so there was no need for fans to have worried after all. Although, the ones who hope she performs will have to keep wishing for now.

EARLIER: Early on in the show, the camera panned to JAY-Z in the crowd for a reaction shot. A reaction to what, though, you may wonder. A joke, perhaps? Nope. An exciting performance? Not that, either. The camera panned to JAY-Z because it had just been announced that Mr. Carter was the recipient of this year's Salute to Industry Icons Award. No big deal.

"We are absolutely thrilled and delighted to honor JAY-Z with this year’s Grammy Salute to Industry Icons Award," said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of the Recording Academy, per Billboard.

"His contributions as an industry trailblazer and music visionary only begin to touch on the tremendous impact he’s made both in entertainment and beyond. JAY-Z also embodies the vibrant spirit of New York City and we couldn’t imagine a more fitting honoree as we return to Manhattan for this year’s GRAMMY Awards."

Yeah, OK, it's definitely a big deal. Granted, the award was technically presented to him already at the Pre-Grammy Gala (which occurred on Jan. 27), and, according to E! News, Beyoncé did accompany him for that. So, we can confirm that she was definitely in New York less than 24 hours ago — but where is she now? My first guess was that maybe she took an inopportunely-timed bathroom break. She's only human (as hard as that is to remember sometimes). It happens!

Later on in the show, however, JAY-Z's album 4:44 was up for Best Rap Album, and the camera set its sights on him yet again. And yet again, no Beyoncé! JAY-Z ultimately lost out in that category to Kendrick Lamar's DAMN., a blow that could have — at least temporarily — been softened by some loving comfort from his lovely wife. Alas. What about the other categories he's nominated in, though? If he continues to lose, will he have to suffer those losses alone, too? Some fans on Twitter have a theory.

One fan theory floating around the internet revolves around Tina Turner. Earlier this month, the Recording Academy announced that Tina Turner will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's Grammys. While Turner isn't the only music industry vet being honored (Hal Blaine, Neil Diamond, Emmylou Harris, Louis Jordan, the Meters, Queen, Bill Graham, Seymour Stein, and John Williams will also receive the award), she does have a suspiciously obvious connection to one suspiciously MIA Beyoncé.

Back in 2008, as fans may remember, Beyoncé and Turner performed together at that year's Grammys. It was, in a word, iconic. Sure, Beyoncé's initial solo performance was pretty great or whatever, but the real show started when Turner joined her on-stage for a rousing rendition of Turner's "Proud Mary" (which was originally made famous by Creedence Clearwater Revival). If you've never seen it, it's definitely worth a watch or 12.

That being said, fans are theorizing that since Turner is being honored at this year's show, and since Beyoncé is basically Tina Turner 2.0, it would make complete sense for her to be prepping for some sort of Tina Turner tribute performance backstage (instead of sitting next to JAY-Z in the crowd).

The would be the absolute best-case scenario, but if it's not already planned, somebody needs to make it happen. Until then, Beyhive, keep your eyes peeled for Mrs. Carter. Fingers-crossed that she won't stay MIA for long.