Mark Wright Just Hinted At Some 'Bachelor UK' Filming Locations & Jealous, Me? Nah

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you thought you experienced the ultimate summer of love this year thanks to ITV2's Love Island, get yourself prepared for 2019 because The Bachelor UK is coming to Channel 5. As someone that's probably going to be forever single and never ready to mingle, the prospect of watching double the amount of people fall head over heels in love with one another in paradise is music to my ears. While Love Island is pretty much relegated to the isle of Majorca, it looks like its competitor has been filmed across a few different countries. So, where is The Bachelor UK filmed?

Well, according to the show's presenter, Mark Wright, it looks like contestants have been filming in some pretty lush tropical locations. In a video update posted on his Insta, he enthusiastically tells fans that the series has wrapped, that the team have been in Antigua and the "rum and cokes are gonna come out."

"Two months of filming, the series is unbelievable [...] you've gotta see it. Drama, tears, love, it's been amazing," he enthused in the video. Wright also mentions South Africa as a filming destination, as well as the Caribbean as a whole and the less-than-glam UK.

Wright's post appears to confirm what Deadline reported in the summer, citing South Africa as one of the filming locations. And if you do a little more digging through Wright's Insta, you'll see some snaps of the presenter perched upon a rock in the Western Cape and a workout at the top of Lions Head in Cape Town in October. Totally not jealous at all.

His role has presenter was first revealed via The Sun in late September, after being given time off from his presenting duties on the US show Extra. "He's getting ready to jet off again to front another show which is an amazing opportunity," a source told the newspaper. "He's really excited to get stuck in with the show though and looking forward to lending his professional dating expertise."

If you've been reading through this with no clue what The Bachelor actually is, let me give you a quick run down. Adapted from the US format that began in 2002, the show basically centres around an eligible bachelor who is then tasked with choosing a potential wife out of a selection of romantic interests. In a way it's kinda like Love Island, but with marginally higher stakes at play and a lot of roses to hand out.

There has been a UK adaptation of the show before on BBC Three which ran for two years before moving to Channel 5 for two celebrity seasons, as Deadline reported. These included the likes of Gavin Henson and Spencer Matthews as eligible bachelors.

I reached out to a representative for the show to see if there was any info available regarding the format and contestants, but they were unable to give me any deets just yet.

For now we'll just have to wait and see whether there will be some teasers and sneak peeks before 2018's over. Here's hoping.