Tom From Netflix's 'Queer Eye' Will Be Your New Favorite Person To Follow On Twitter

In the first episode of Netflix's Queer Eye reboot, the Fab Five introduced audiences to Tom Jackson from Dallas, Georgia. Tom is single and in his late 50s, with a delightful bushy beard and a playful sense of humor. So, where is Tom from Queer Eye now? And did he ever repair things with Abby, his third ex-wife? There's good news, and there's great news. Let's dive in.

When the Queer Eye cast first met him, he introduced them the concept of "You can't fix ugly." It was a mantra of sorts, and one the cast immediately rejected. A key part of Tom's Queer Eye transformation was internal: How could the Fab Five help him overcome several decades of low self-confidence? Tom was so charismatic, so romantic, and so lovable. He just needed a boost to help him love himself, and feel comfortable doing so. Also, he really needed to burn those short jean shorts (even his fellow breakfast club diners knew his look could use an update).

Fortunately for all of us, Tom is on social media now. He's most active on Twitter, where he posts life updates and selfies every so often. It's too charming for words. It's also proof that Queer Eye is more than your new favorite Netflix marathon — it's really out there changing lives.

As far as social media goes, Tom hasn't posted about his apartment yet. In fact, he only joined Twitter in February 2018 to help promote his appearance on the show. Since then, he has mostly posted photos of his beloved grandson Chandler, as well as his ex-wife Abby, and photos of his own parents, both of whom are still alive. Tom seems to have taken the Fab Five's advice to heart, too. He is layering his shirts, updated his glasses, and switched to a more flattering style of hat. His beard appears well-maintained — can't you hear Jonathan saying "Ulysses S. Grant realness" somewhere? — and he looks happy and healthy.

Whether he's back with Abby is another story entirely. In the short time he's been on Twitter, Tom has posted several photos of Abby and himself over the years. There are photos of them from 2006, pictures from their wedding day, and more recent selfies of them both, and he'll occasionally post photos of Abby without elaboration. So, what's the deal there? On the show, it seemed pretty evident that he was still in love with her. He admitted it right to Antoni in his kitchen. Plus, at the end of the episode, she agreed to go to dinner with him. However, Tom said on Twitter that he and Abby really aren't together anymore, but it's hard to tell what's really going on here.

Right? Nothing is certain, but it is safe to say that most people don't post that way about their exes. And most exes wouldn't be cool with someone creating those posts about them. It's definitely a little suspicious — in a cute way, of course. Adding a little intrigue to this, though, is a recent Instagram from Tom. He's only posted three times, but a February 28 post was a selfie with a woman named Gladys. An Instagram user commented "Got you a new girlfriend?" to which Tom replied, "I hope so." Gasp. What's with all of the Twitter love for Abby? Is it a misdirection, to keep people focused on his ex instead of his potential new love? Hard to know for sure.

Tom appears healthy and content in the time since his Queer Eye taping, regardless of what's going on in his personal life. Also, fans will be happy to learn that he's still drinking his beloved Redneck Margaritas, otherwise known as just a mug of tequila, ice, and Mountain Dew. (Actually, Fab Five food expert Antoni might not love that.) Whatever he's up to these days, fans are just thrilled to see him layering, rocking pageboy caps, and dating — even if it's not Abby after all.