Here Are All The Delicious Places Meghan Markle Ate When She Visited NYC

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Duchess of Sussex recently made a surprise trip to New York City for her baby shower, which was co-hosted by Serena Williams. And while that sentence alone is pretty fancy, the luxury didn't stop there. While on her trip, Meghan Markle visited several New York restaurants. The type where you leave looking like most chic pregnant woman ever while being photographed. Not, like, a bunch of dollar pizza joints.

Markle, who is due with her and Prince Harry's first child this spring, went to New York to have her baby shower and hang out with some friends before the little one arrives. According to Harper's Bazaar, the party took place in the Grand Penthouse of the Mark Hotel, which was Williams' room and also the hotel where Markle was staying. There were reportedly 20 guests, including Abigail Spencer, Gayle King, and Amal Clooney. As an activity, the guests had a flower arranging lesson and their bouquets were donated to the charity Repeat Roses.

While this all sounds lovely, Markle had a few more envy-inducing things on her schedule, including quite a bit of food. And it makes sense: She loves to cook and used to write a lifestyle blog where she shared some of her favorite recipes and restaurants. Here's where she ate in New York in case you want to follow in her very pricey footsteps:


As reported by Harper's Bazaar, on Saturday, February 16, Markle and her friend Jessica Mulroney visited Ladurée in SoHo for tea and macarons in a private room. The Parisian shop is known for its macarons, but this location also has a full menu with omelets, salads, sandwiches, and of course, a ton of desserts. Of all the restaurants she reportedly went to, Ladurée is the least expensive. A $15 Eggs Benedict is nothing compared to what else is on this list.

Flora Bar

Markle did not actually eat at the Flora Bar, but she wanted to on Tuesday, February 19. An "insider" told E! News of Markle and Spencer, "They went to have lunch at the Flora Cafe but there were so many people looking through the window that she sat down spoke to someone at the restaurant and got up and left." If you — someone who, I presume, isn't a celebrity or member of the royal family — want to visit Flora Bar, it is located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in the Met Breuer art museum. Lunch offerings include a fried maitake mushroom sandwich, a Waygu beef burger, and tilefish. The restaurant also does dinner, brunch, and drinks.

Cafe Boulud

After leaving Flora Bar, Spencer and Markle went to Cafe Boulud, which is only a block away. The French restaurant's lunch menu includes seafood, coq au vin, and risotto, if you want to go during the day like Markle. It also has breakfast, brunch, dinner, and dessert.

The Polo Bar

According to Page Six, on Tuesday night, the Duchess went to The Polo Bar with Williams, Mulroney, Spencer, Misha Nonoo, and Markus Anderson. The Polo Bar is Ralph Lauren's restaurant, and is located right below Central Park. The restaurant features steak, burgers, salads, a separate vegetarian menu, and a $20 hot dog. There is also a lengthy (very expensive) cocktail menu and the first drink listed is the Prince of Wales. Please let someone have ordered this.

The Mark

Markle had her baby shower at The Mark Hotel, and according to Bazaar, chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten provided the food for the party. His restaurant, also called The Mark, is in the hotel, and offers every meal of the day. The dinner menu includes things like a lobster burger for $36 and grilled lamb chops for $55. And I highly suggest perusing the room service menu just for the extravagance of it all: Rice Krispies are $11! The kid's menu features a $15 peanut butter and jelly sandwich! A $29 shrimp cocktail can be delivered to your room between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5:30 a.m!

Clearly, Markle's intenerary is not for everyone, but if you are able to splurge on one meal and want to hit up somewhere that Markle did, now you know where to go. And if you do have a sudden Rice Krispies craving, being a non-celeb, you can just stroll up the block and get an entire box for three bucks.