This Brand Is Selling a Meghan Markle Wedding Dress Look Alike & The Sizes Are SO Inclusive

The royal wedding is officially over, but that doesn't mean that the inspiration has ended. This brand is letting brides of all sizes have their sartorially magical moment too. Floravere made a Meghan Markle wedding dress look-alike that comes in sizes 0 to 24. Oh, and you get to try the dress on at home before you commit to the look. Pinch yourself, because this isn't a dream.

Floravere is making sure that women of all sizes can experience the magic of Markle's gown. The brand created a short-sleeved look-alike of the gown just five days after the royal wedding that comes in sizes 0 to 24. Although it's not an exact replica of the outfit — because, you know, warm weather — the silhouette and the simplistic style is spot-on to Markles.

If you're interested in checking out the gown for your own wedding day, you can get the piece sent right to your door for $25. Yes, really. Just head to the website, choose which size sample that you'd like, and wait for it to arrive in six weeks. If you end up loving the look and wanting it for your own wedding day, you can place an order and it will be completed in your size in two to three months. A royal wedding moment really can exist IRL.

There are a few differences between Markle's gown and this one. The first, most noticeable difference is that it's short sleeved. The now Duchess of Sussex wore a long-sleeved look on her wedding day, but the dress is getting a summer adjustment from the brand.

The other big change is that there's a bit more detailing on the back of the gown. Floravere added a twisted back and buttons going down the spine. According to the press release, it was meant to look less formal. You know, for those brides not looking to marry a prince in front of 600 of their closest friends with millions of eyes watching.

If you do end up falling in love with the gown, you can purchase the look for $1,475. That's $338,525 less than Markle's gown reportedly cost. According to Time Magazine, the dress was guessed by stylists to have been around $340,000. While a duchess can afford to pay that much, your average woman probably can't.

There's one more big change when it comes to the style and fit of the dress though. The brand also chose to make the dress a bit more fitted than Markle's was on her big day. According to the press release, Floravere did this "to show off the bride’s curves." Of course, if you want yours a little less fitted, you can always put that in the description when you purchase. It's your wedding day, so have it however you'd like.

The fit of Markle's dress was a concern by a lot of people, including celebs. You know, despite it not being their day. Katy Perry even threw a little bit of shade at Markle by saying that she thought that it was not fitted correctly, according to an Entertainment Tonight interview.

While she commented that she loves what Markle is doing for her humanitarian efforts, she added, "Kate, Kate, Kate won, Kate won! I'm sorry. I’m never not going to tell the truth! One more fitting, but I love you," to the end of the interview.

Whether you just want to prance around in this gown for the night or are looking to getting an exact replica, you can get it all with Floravere. Because when you combine inclusivity with an iconic moment, you can't go wrong.