Where To Buy BECCA's New First Light Priming Filter To Fix A Bad Skin Day

The new year has started off on some pretty solid ground if you're a beauty lover. Between ColourPop's latest launch announcement to the upcoming release of the Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette, beauty lovers should be pretty happy. Now, BECCA's First Light Priming Filter has launched, and fans can officially get their hands on the brand new complexion product from the brand.

BECCA didn't wait long to launch the product, and fans are sure to be pleased. Currently, BECCA lovers can purchase the new primer online on both BECCA website and Sephora. With a retail value of $38, it rings in at the same price as BECCA's already stellar primer the Backlight Priming Filter. If you're already a fan of that incredibly popular tool, the newest addition could be the newest addition to your makeup collection.

What's makes the latest primer special, though? Well, it's basically the answer to the complexion equivalent of a bad hair day. In fact, the brand is calling it the answer to a bad face day, and with all of its benefits, it's clear why that is. The primer helps fill in fine lines, aids with puffiness, and brightens and hydrates the skin. It's basically a miracle product, and I'm completely on board.

The other good news about BECCA's newest primer? It's suitable for all skin tones. It's practically a universal product. Fans are already excited about their next potential purchase, too.

Others were asking if the product could be found in stores.

So far, though, it looks as though you'll need to make your purchase of BECCA's First Light Priming Filter online through either the brand's website or Sephora. So far, there's no information on when it'll hit stores, but hey, this will be totally worth the shipping cost.