How Much Is BECCA's New First Light Priming Filter? Get Your Credit Cards Ready

Just when you thought BECCA Cosmetics couldn't kill it any more than they already are, they launch new products that are bigger than big. BECCA Cosmetics' First Light Priming Filter is the latest member of the brand's family, and not only is it going to be so incredible for those seeking a dewy complexion, the price of the latest product won't shock your post-holiday season bank account.

The soon-to-launch First Light Priming Filter is set to sell for $38, the same price as the super popular Backlight Priming Filter from BECCA. If you're a loyal customer, the price tag isn't a surprise. In fact, it's also fairly consistent with other high-end primers. If you're a lover of a flawless base and down for the price tag, this new primer could just be your new favorite.

What sets the First Light Priming Filter apart from other primers on the market? The latest addition to BECCA Cosmetics is set to fix the skin equivalent of a bad hair day. According to the brand, the primer will brighten and hydrate skin, creating the perfect base for your foundation application and create a perfect, healthy glow for your day.

One of the best parts of the First Light Priming Filter is that it's also suitable for all skin tones. While the product appears lavender, it blends to a sheer product that will fight dullness and puffiness from your worst "bad face day."

On top of fighting dehydration, the new primer is also set to combat fine lines and signs of fatigue. It's basically your perfect all-in-one primer. Plus, rocking the primer on its on will totally give a stellar, perfected glow — no foundation required.

Fans are definitely already getting stoked for the release, too.

People seem to want to get their hands on it soon.

If you've been seeking a new primer that will not only give you a hydrated, brightened look but also combat fatigue and dullness, then BECCA's new First Light Priming Filter may just be your new best friend. While a price comparable to other high end brands and the exact same as the brand's already existing — and incredibly popular primer — this purchase should be a no brainer.