Waitrose Is Selling Biscoff Ice Cream For All Your Biscuit Spread Needs

by Alice Broster

If you’re ever going to indulge yourself in your favourite sweet treats then there’s no better time than October. It may be spooky season by Halloween means longer dark nights, movie nights in, and lots of sweetie goodness. When it comes to settling down with a hot cup of coffee and a biscuit there’s only one choice for me and now you can buy it in ice cream form. So, here is where to buy Biscoff ice cream. It’s not hard to see why the caramel biscuit is one of the nation's favourite’s so combining it with ice cream, the ultimate comfort food, just makes sense. Prepare to make your Halloween all about the treats and less about the tricks.

If you’re anything like me and firmly believe that dessert and treats are always called for then prepare yourself. You can now buy Lotus biscoff biscuits in ice cream form. You can get the ultimate after dinner treat on the Waitrose website. They come in packs of three and will set you back £2.89. And costumers who have already tried it seem to think it lives up to the hype. One person wrote on the supermarkets website: “So perfect! Thick chocolate, lots of sauce and creamy ice cream, what more could you ask for.” Another said: "So perfect! Thick chocolate, lots of sauce and creamy ice cream, what more could you ask for!"

There’s always a risk when a brand tries to branch out and adapt an already perfect product into something even dreamier that it won’t work. However, fear not. The individual ice creams are made of super creamy Lotus Biscoff biscuit flavoured ice cream. The caramel ice cream has bit of Biscoff biscuit running through it. Then around that there is a layer of the super sweet sauce. That’s all encased in a Belgian chocolate shall with bits of Biscoff biscuit mixed through. If your mouth isn’t watering I don’t know what will get you.

While some would say you can have too much of a good thing I don’t think this applies to a Lotus Biscoff ice cream mash up. However, if you’re not sure that much Biscoff is for you, you can also buy the famous Biscoff caramel sauce in a huge bottle. Available on Amazon and Ebay in a massive 1kg squeezy bottle for £10.99, you could add a Biscoff twist to any dessert, coffee, or hot chocolate. Sounds like heaven to me.

It seems like the world is going wild for Biscoff right now, as the famous biscuit brand has had a number of other spin offs of late. For example, Costa's new autumn menu for 2019 features a Lotus Biscoff Muffin. I know, right? According to the coffee shop's website, the "deliciously spiced muffin" will contain "a surprise centre of Lotus Biscoff spread and is topped with smooth toffee icing and an actual Lotus Biscoff biscuit."

While it would seem that Lotus Biscoff ice creams are only available at Waitrose for the time being, so get yourself down there quick.