CoverGirl Is Launching Chocolate & Peach-Scented Eyeshadow Palettes — And They're Only $10

Courtesy of Walmart

Move over unicorns, goths, mermaids, statement false lashes, and the resurgence of lip gloss! Those 2018 beauty trends need to make room for another that has been in existence for years but is gaining more momentum at the mass market level. CoverGirl is dropping both chocolate and peach-scented makeup collections. These separate and yummy-smelling lines will include an entire assortment of products — from highlighters to bronzers to contour and eyeshadow palettes. Because of course your lids (and beyond) should always smell as sweet as they look when you sweep a wash of shadow or build a smoky eye look!

Scented makeup has been a thing for quite a while with prestige and department store brands. Too Faced has an extensive repertoire of peach products, along with its chocolate bar-scented palettes.

But Maybelline's Lemonade Craze palette, which was inspired by the popular summer bevvie, and smells like lemons, made quite a splash in the spring. L'Oreal also dropped a decadent and chocolate-scented range of matte lippies, one of which was worn by Beyonce during her now-iconic Coachella performance.

Drugstore giant CoverGirl has entered the sweet-stakes with these ranges, as first reported on by PopSugar's UK site.

Allure states that the items that comprise the collection will hit Walmart locations through the month of June.

Courtesy of Walmart

There are plenty of peachy keen products, such as this three shade highlighter palette.

Courtesy of Walmart

Those swatches should inspire you to grab a big, fluffy brush and create pretty, illuminated looks on your cheeks and other high points of your face.

Courtesy of Walmart

There is also this Chocoholic Bronzer, which can kiss skin with color or be used as a shimmery highlighter for darker tones. It sounds delish, doesn't it!? That's because it is.

Courtesy of Walmart

That swatch is like a to-die-for dose of cocoa!

Courtesy of Walmart

Eyeshadows, like those swatched above, are also a part of these scented 'n' summer drops. So if you want to enjoy a whiff of yummy peach and/or chocolate, you can dive right into these affordable products.

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Makeup is already super fun to play with since it allows you to indulge your creativity and to design looks that express who you are. When you introduce another element that stimulates additional senses, it takes things up a notch. While no one is going to come up to you and sniff your eyelids, there is something exciting about applying a shadow or a highlighter and inhaling a fresh burst of sweetness. It can wake you up in an entirely different way and improve your morning mood.

Courtesy of Walmart

The addition of scents to beauty products isn't a frivolous endeavor, either. It heightens the makeup experience and allows you to indulge your sweet tooth in a simple and easy way. Yes, with a side of yes!

1. Chocolate Bronzer

2. Peach Highlighters

3. Peach Eyeshadows

4. Chocolate Eyeshadows

5. Chocolate Contour Palette

These can serve as your summer go-to products. If for whatever reason you aren't able to indulge in a chocolatey or peachy desert treat, you can get a similar sensory fix by applying your makeup. Your summer makeup bag just got that much more delish.