Where To Buy Danielle Nicole's 'Rugrats' Handbag Line, Including A Glittery Reptar Bar Clutch


The '90s are alive and the fashion is even better the second time around. Danielle Nicole created and entire Rugrats handbag collection that features every single member of the gang. There's even a sparkly Reptar Bar to curb your sartorial hunger. Hold onto your wallets, because you're going to want every single one of these quirky-meets-funtional bags.

There is nothing that can sell an item faster than nostalgia factor, but the Danielle Nicole x Rugrats Collection is way more than that. Instead of just taking a character and putting it on an already created bag, she brings each one them to life. The handful of items feature crossbody cutouts of the characters, texturized pouches that make the characters look as real on the bag as they are on the tv, and even a design that features the entire gang inside a sparkly tv screen.

It's not all about the kids, though. Reptar even gets his time to shine. There's a clutch that looks less like a bag and more like an actual Reptar Bar that will have you grabbing for your wallet as soon as you see it.

Believe it or not, the line is actually pretty affordable too. The entire collection ranges from $42 to $78. That's a small price to pay for nostalgia.

The collection is available right now on the Danielle Nicole website, as well as on the Think Geek website. So don't worry if you see the words "sold out" on the first look. You have plenty of options to stock up. Here's just one more warning that you're going to want every single item, before you dig into the handbag goodness.

1. Get Real Backpack

Get Real Backpack


Danielle Nicole

If this Angelica head and sunglasses don't bring back a wave of nostalgia, then you must not be a '90s kid. This backpack comes with straps and a handle, so you can carry it anyway you'd like.

2. Chuckie Crossbody

Chuckie Crossbody


Danielle Nicole

Have you ever seen that crazy red hair look any more adorable? I think not. The clutch is a cutout of the character and is completely functional. The different textures on this character is what really sells the design.

3. Reptar Bar Pouch

Reptar Bar Pouch


Danielle Nicole

This is one of the most incredible pieces on the entire collection. It might not have straps, but that doesn't make it any less functional. Whether you're looking to impress you Instagram followers and friends or just looking to capture a little bit of your childhood, this is the one for you.

4. Chuckie Pouch

Chuckie Pouch


Danielle Nicole

If the crossbody isn't for you, this is a great second option. You can hold you makeup brushes, coins, or all of your Reptar Bars.

5. Rugrats TV Crossbody

Rugrats TV Crossbody


Danielle Nicole

Maybe you'd rather leave the kids in their natural habitat. If so, this television crossbody is for you. Not only will it bring you back to sitting in front of a box tv and watching the show, but it also slightly resembles the lunchbox that you used to carry around with you in the '90s.

6. Angelica Crossbody

Angelica Crossbody


Danielle Nicole

The classic Angelica sneer has never looked cuter. You might not be able to walk around giving everyone side-eye, but at least your purse can. The pigtails are so cute that no one will even get mad.

7. Reptar Pouch

Reptar Pouch


Danielle Nicole

You can now store everything inside this nostalgic bag and scare everyone away with the Reptar on the front. Okay, maybe just you baby cousins, but still.

Although there's no Tommy Pickle creation at this time, it's safe to say that this is a pretty amazing collection. The line is not limited edition, but you need this in your life ASAP. Your childhood self will thank you for the purchase.