The Sheet Masks Make You Look Like Your Fave Disney Villains

Some people love princesses and unicorns and that's great. Honestly, love what you love. Others, however, have darker tastes. That's why these Disney villain sheet masks are so great. While the nostalgic Disney everything trend (if you can call it a trend since it's never gone away) puts quite a bit of attention on everyone's favorite princesses, the villains rarely get the attention they deserve. Perhaps that's why they're villains, after all. Now, though, they're getting their due, and maybe getting you a different kind of dew (like you're skin. Get it?).

Website Firebox is now selling a set of Disney villain sheet masks, but they aren't just your average, plain cotton sheet. These goodies will have you looking like your favorite villains, but not, they won't make your face turn violet grey a la Ursula or lime green a la Maleficent. Instead, the masks have the famous evil faces printed on the sheets themselves, and one you put them on boom! You're officially a Disney villain. Plus, it makes it super easy to make sure the sheet mask is in the right place.

If you're thinking they're just a gimmick, though, don't. These Disney sheet masks also pack some benefits in their witchy faces.

According to the Firebox website, the masks are modeled after a Disney villain each. Inside the set, you'll get an Ursuala mask, Maleficent mask, and a Cruella mask. As for what each of them does? Ursula uses cucumber to add moisture to the face while Maleficent's mask is made from green tea meant to refresh your skin. Finally, there's Cruella, her mask is made from coconut an can be used to nourish the skin. For such villains, these maks don't sound too bad, right?

The Disney Villains masks aren't the only ones available on the site, though. If you are more of a princess type of person, you're in luck because Firebox has a kit just for you.

The Disney princess sheet mask collection is home to four sheet masks all themed after some of the studio's most iconic characters. From Jasmine to Belle, the masks are the sun shining opposite of the villains set. Plus, you get an extra mask for the same price, so there must be something about being a princess.

Inside the set, you'll get an Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, and Aurora mask, and like the Disney villains sheet masks, they each have their own set of benefits to them like ingredients for moisturizing and soothing the skin. Unlike the villian collection, however, not every mask guarantees you'll be wearing a new face a la Arya Stark. Some of the mask are simply themed to their princess.

Regardless of whether you want to be a Disney princess or a Disney villain, these sheet masks are perfect for you. Not only can you indulge in your love of all things Disney during a night-in, but you can look embrace your inner princess or villain. The choice is up to you, but no matter what, you'll end up with great skin.