Fresh Just Launched A Deep Hydrating Sleeping Mask Made Of Actual Roses

In the eyes of some skin care lovers, the best part of the nightly routine is finishing off with a face mask. After a day’s grind at work, a nourishing sleep mask is called for — and Fresh Beauty’s new Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask is here to work in tandem with nightly beauty rest. Plus, it smells like roses.

Fresh Beauty fans can appreciate that this sleep mask is a two-step application for, well, deep hydration for pores. The jar itself is even separated in half: one side of the product is for redistributing moisture into the skin and the other side is to lock in the moisture after cleansing.

Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman said in a press release that the mask’s two-step treatment allows users to spread their faces in the scent of roses while their skin gets all its necessary moisture.

“Inspired by my love of multi-masking, this two-step treatment is the ultimate hydrating experience," Glazman said in the release. “First, the essence mask drenches your face in rosewater. Then, layering the gel-cream mask with liquid patches on top locks that moisture in."

The Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask retails for $50 and is available now at Fresh shops,, Sephora stores, and

Rose Deep Hydrating Sleeping Mask

Glazman explained in the press release that skin loses moisture throughout a hard night's sleep.

"A high level of hydration is one of the best things you can offer your skin while you sleep, because your temperature rises which leads to moisture loss," Glazman states. "These two steps combine the benefits of rose with advanced time-release liquid patches for the most hydrating mask fresh could possibly achieve.”

Not all sleeping masks have a two-step treatment, but this two-in-one masks does double duty to retain moisture throughout any twisting and turning at night.

Beauty fans can incorporate this into their beauty routine right after cleansing. The first step is to apply the amber-colored gel to the face first and let it sink into the skin to dry. Follow up with the water-cream mask to lock in the moisture.

The key ingredients used in this mask are rose water to soften and tone, rose extract to strengthen the skin's outer layers, and hyaluronic acid to plump.

If a two-step mask routine is one too many for some skin care lovers, they can also stock up on Fresh's Rose Face Mask. This one-step routine isn't to sleep in, but will still offer all the moisture to achieving supple skin. The mask features rose petals and and pure rose water to leave skin toned and feeling hydrated.

Rose Face Mask

This mask is applied after a deep cleanse and rinsed off after five to ten minutes. Plus, the rose mask can be applied daily, so throw it in at the end of the nightly skin care routine.

Whether fans prefer a nourishing face mask that'll wash off or a two-step moisturizing sleep mask, the supple skin either leave behind is the skin care lover's jackpot.