Pizza-Themed False Lashes Exist & That's Amore


If you live and breathe pizza, then you are going to be very excited to hear that there is now a way to incorporate it into your makeup routine, and it involves your lashes. Flummoxed yet? Glamlite Cosmetics has pizza-themed fake eyelashes, letting you live out your best pepperoni fantasies via a fierce eye look.

Glamlite is the original home of the Pizza Eye Shadow Palette, which came in a round, cheese-sprinkled makeup palette that had eyeshadow colors like "Red Onions" and "Mushrooms" tossed across its six slices. The cruelty-free and vegan brand doesn't just randomly turn out pizza-themed makeup products, though. Instead, the whole "slice" thing is kind of its theme.

Gisselle Hernandez, the founder of Glamlite, was born in the Dominican Republic and was raised in Brooklyn, NY, a neighborhood that is passionate about its pizza. Her passion for the food led her to travel all across the States trying to find the best pie, and in college she ate it around three times a week, because, well, college. Last year she decided to combine her two greatest passions in life — pizza and makeup — to create a makeup empire that is not only quirky, but will hopefully help people realize it's okay to be themselves.

"I've always had a passion for makeup but have always felt out of place in an industry that frequently focuses on perfection. The pizza palette is my way of saying I am free, I am no longer scared to be myself," Hernandez explained on Glamlite's page. "Sitting in a pizza theme room, decked out in pizza wear while shooting the world's first pizza-inspired makeup palette was the most liberating experience in my life."

Now she is back at it again, but this time with matching fake lashes to compliment your green pepper themed smokey eye. There are five different lashes to choose from, each one packaged into a triangular box, meant to look like a single-slice takeaway box. Each lash box is named after a different pizza style, like Chicago Deep Dish, Sicilian, Margherita, Hawaiian, and Brooklyn Style.

The lashes are nestled into a clear plastic container that sits above a cheesy pizza slice, making it look like its housed on an actual pie. The cardboard box asks you, "What's your favorite topping?"

The synthetic silk lashes are limited-edition, so they won't be around forever. They are vegan, cruelty-free, and are reuseable up to a whopping 15 times. They are also $12 a pair, making them a mid-range lash.

The lash range is launching today, Feb. 6, and while it's a brand new product, followers on Instagram are already major fans. "Looks good enough to eat," one makeup lover wrote, leaning into the pun of the product. "Omg! I’m dead. 💀💀💀 That is the cutest! I’ll be getting all of those," wrote another.

There are a ton of pizza enthusiasts flooding the comments, which makes one thing painfully clear: If these lashes are limited-edition, then you have to run to get them. Like the last slice of pizza, they obviously won't be around for too long.