Where To Buy ISH’s Anniversary Collection If You Want A Disco Party On Your Face

If you're a fan of ISH makeup, or just fun, sparkly makeup in general, you're going to absolutely love ISH's one year anniversary collection. The brand, which only launched a year ago (hence the anniversary collection), decided to celebrate by creating a fabulous ensemble of glittery products that are exactly what you need for a night out.

ISH was started by Joey Maalouf and FabFitFun with the goal of creating products that bring out the wearer's individual beauty — letting the real you shine through — without feeling like your face is completely hidden.

ISH stands for "I'm smoking hot" which is a fun, cheeky name, but also what Maalouf hopes everyone who wears his products feels when they walk out the door each day. And their new anniversary collection definitely makes it easy for fans to feel like total babes on the reg.

The ISH anniversary collection features the ISH gold bomb highlighter, four glittery shadow sticks, and five shimmy shadows, all of which are perfect for a night out.

The five eyeshadow shades are "Champagne Campaign," a pearlescent champagne color (obviously), "About Last Night," which is a shimmery copper shadow, "Get Low," a glittery gold shadow, "Party In Pink," which is, you guessed it, a light pink eyeshadow, and "Disco Ball," which is an inky silver shadow. As you can tell from the names, all of these shades are literally perfect for a night at the disco.

The shadow sticks come in gold, bronze, copper and chocolate.

The ISH anniversary collection costs $169 for the bundle, which is quite reasonable when you think about all the products included.

The ISH anniversary collection is available for purchase, along with all of ISH's other products, on ish.co.