Where To Buy James Charles' 'I'm Shook' Hat

by Alexa Tucker

If there's one thing I find myself saying a lot in 2017, it's "I'm shook." Instagram beauty star James Charles gets it. The 17-year-old trailblazer and face of CoverGirl is coming out with an "I'm shook" hat to perfectly describe everyone's feelings, and I need it.

As if his growing beauty empire weren't enough, Charles announced his new clothing line, Sisters Apparel, on Instagram on Wednesday, and it looks like the hat will be the first item to drop (along with a another newly announced hat that says "It's not that deep"). Much to my dismay, I discovered that they're not available for purchase yet — the website on Sisters Apparel's Instagram account simply says (a non-existent domain). However, the caption on the hats simply reads "next week," so it doesn't sound like we'll be waiting for long.

Admittedly, patience is not my strong suit, but the hats just might be worth it. From the looks of it, they'll come in three lived-in colors: black, dark gray, and white. The simple stitched-on white text simply reads 'i'm shook,' because we are too shook for capital letters. From the horrifying (see: executive orders) to the amazing (see: Beyonce's twins announcement), this hat knows there's only one way to describe the emotional turbulence of this year so far.

Basically, when you no longer have the words, this hat says it all — while staying on trend.

And here's a look at the three color options:

Can't wait till next week? Here are seven similar hats you can buy right this second to tide you over (or console you if they sell out before you can get to them).

1. "I'm Busy" ASOS Black Baseball Cap

ASOS Black Baseball Cap With Slogan, $7, ASOS

Get out of any plans without saying a word.

2. "Girl Power" Cotton Baseball Cap

City Hunter USA 'Girl Power' Cotton Baseball Cap, $13, Amazon

If pink isn't your jam, this stitching comes on 14 colors to choose from.

3. "Babe" Baseball Hat

"Babe" Baseball Hat In Khaki, $32, The Style Club

Break out your favorite mascara — this hat deserves a major lash look.

4. "Whatever" Baseball Hat

Empyre Solstice White Whatever Baseball Hat, $20, Zumiez

The embroidery on this hat is as dainty as it comes.

5. The Style Club Love Club Baseball Hat

The Style Club Love Club Baseball Hat, $29, Urban Outfitters

For when you're feelin' feline.

6. "Good Vibes Only" Embroidered Baseball Cap

Good Vibes Only Embroidered Baseball Cap, $18, Etsy

Please and thank you.

7. Black "It's Lit" Dad Hat

Black "It's Lit" Dad Hat, $17, Etsy

Light it up anywhere you go in this hat. (Get it?)