This Skin Care Brand Launched A Sheet Mask For Your Sensitive Period Skin

For a long time, skin type has been targeted by brands as the key player in everyday facial concerns. But to Knours Skin Care, periods are actually to blame for the skin’s imbalance. The brand just launched a sheet mask that treats skin during period cycles. Because when Flo makes a monthly cameo, skin care lovers should be able to keep their skin calm and carry on.

“Know your skin. Period,” is how Knours sums up its mission on its website. With each product, the brand educates skin care fans on how hormones play a part in affecting the skin in general — not just based on skin type.

“Hormones have a pretty big effect on your skin,” Knours site states. “They fluctuate depending on your period cycle, stress levels, sleep, diet, pregnancy, menopause, and more. (Yay.) That means your skin — and what it craves — is changing day to day. So why are you using the same product regimen 24/7?”

Case and point. Every product in the brand’s lineup hones in on a specific skin concern and features ingredients designed to battle each one. Now, Knours has recently launched its “Be Kind To Your Skin Mask,” a sheet mask that works in-tune with your period to treat skin during that special time of the month. Not to mention, it’s only four bucks.

Be Kind to Your Skin Mask

During menstruation, the skin is stressed out and this thin sheet mask combines glucose, fructose, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, as well as aroma oils to help the skin chill out. With this mask, the brand explains skin care lovers can ditch their several-step regimen for this one-step routine.

If skin care lovers really vibe with this face mask, they can also buy the set of five Be Kind To Your Skin Masks for $15.

Not only does this Knours' sheet mask work to ensure nourishment in the skin during menstrual week, but it's also environmentally-friendly. The sheet mask itself is biodegradable, so everybody (and the planet) wins.

Besides the Be Kind To Your Skin Sheet Mask, Knours also offers skin care fans this Sweet Enough Rescue Mask for the more stress-induced days.

Sweet Enough Rescue Mask

Knours describes the Sweet Enough Rescue Mask as an at-home spa, because who really wants to leave a comfy (and free) bed? The microfiber sheet mask helps moisturize and plump up skin with a hydrating serum.

The brightening mask is ideal for when skin is dry or dull-looking. Some of the masks key ingredients are honey, for gentle moisture, rose water to quench and calm the skin, and centella asiatic, or tiger grass extract with amino acids to protect the skin.

The Sweet Enough Rescue Mask also retails for $6, so cheers to smoother skin.

Skin care fans can shamelessly embrace the mantra of "Treat Yourself" with simple, but effective sheet masks. Besides, if it's period week why deny oneself the luxury?