Where To Buy Kylie Jenner's Naked Black Fishnet Heels For Only $50

Courtesy of Public Desire

For the past week while she was in NYC for the VMAs and beyond, Kylie Jenner's Instagram feed has doubled as a trend-setting fashion show. From her liquid black tube dress to over-the-knee slouchy boots to neon green heels, Jenner has been serving up lewks. However, Kylie Jenner's naked fishnet shoes, featuring ankle-high, criss-cross socks, are generating plenty of chatter.

Forget the see-through fabric x naked dress trend that Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and so many other celebs have rocked in recent years. This is naked footwear and it's as unique as it is super trendy. It's also the ultimate in streetwear.

These shoes actually exist — you can grab a pair and cop Jenner's look for just $50.

These unusual stilettos will leave you thinking "Wait, what am I seeing?!" From the front-facing vantage point, it looks like Jenner is wearing black fishnet socks and nothing more. That's due to the clear base.

But once you view the sexy shoes from the side, you can see the heel and the silhouette. Hopefully, those fishnets are reinforced and are supporting her arch and ankle — they probably aren't, though. Those look sorta painful all the while being fully fashion forward.

Fishnets have been having a fashion renaissance lately — with style mavens wearing the pantyhose under destroyed jeans so the fishnet pattern peeks through the rips and tears.

Jenner's shoes take the fishnet trend to a whole other level, though. From this viewpoint, they looks like... socks.

But this side view shows that these are, in fact, actual shoes. They don't appear incredibly comfortable but they sure look good. If you are totally enamored of Jenner's footwear, it's easy to score a pair of your own.

The Wink Perspex Fishnet heels come in three colors and are available via the Public Desire e-commerce site. According to the site's "About Us" description, it's "a global online footwear brand selling new styles daily to fashion forward girls looking for stylish updates without breaking the bank!"

Those are all things that any shoe lover can and should co-sign!

The brand is UK-based but ships internationally and has a U.S.-centric platform. So these heels can be yours.

Courtesy of Public Desire

They're slingbacks, too!

Courtesy of Public Desire

The heels look "nude" but you can see the clear toe cap in this shot. There are so many elements to these shoes, which sooooo play games with your eyes.

Courtesy of Public Desire

Say hello to one of fall's first footwear trends.

Courtesy of Public Desire

Add a pop of color to your ensemble with the red pair. They have such a subtle '80s vibe.

Courtesy of Public Desire

The basic beige pair is also an excellent option.

Courtesy of Public Desire

This neutral pair will go with an all-black dress or with any athleisure ensemble. Can't you just imagine Rihanna or J. Lo. rocking these with baggy sweats, pushed high up on their calves in order to show these babies off? That's certainly a way to upscale athleisure attire.

Courtesy of Public Desire

These fishnet booties were made for walking — or for pairing with your fave LBD for a night out with friends, for date night, and beyond.