You Never Knew You Needed These Neon Llama-Printed Undies

Courtesy of MeUndies

Underwear is much more than a basic worn beneath clothes. When it comes to MeUndies, underthings are stylish and promote self-expression. The company offers exclusive prints each month — and the latest offering is as unexpected as it is adorable. MeUndies Yo Llama underwear collection (sizes XS to 2XL available) features a neon pink base and lots of fluffy, friendly, and ridiculously cute llamas.

The brand tells Bustle via email that it didn't choose llamas for its newest design simply because they a have become trendy. There's a bit of a deeper meaning behind the simple and quirky design.

MeUndies immortalized llamas via an underwear collection since they are social beings who travel in packs. Therefore, llamas were deemed wholly representative of the MeUndies' community love ethos. The brand even viewed a llama's super soft fur as nature's version of its own comfy and cozy MicroModal fabric — really. The hot pink background is bold, sassy, and fun.

If you are the type of person who carefully considers the cut, shape, material, colors, and graphics when shopping for undergarments, you are going to love the Yo Llama collection. The range features various pieces, such as bikinis, briefs, boxers, onesies, socks, and more.

Courtesy of MeUndies

The print features black, white, and gray llamas, along with black piping and detailing. If you love the bright hue and the llamas themselves, you can build out a head-to-toe, llama-themed undergarment wardrobe.

Courtesy of MeUndies

If you were not previously familiar with MeUndies, here's how it works. It's a membership/subscription program that's as flexible as the waistbands of your favorite boy shorts. Members have access to additional exclusive prints and excellent discounts. You can skip a month, swap styles, or cancel at any time, too.

Here are eight key Yo Llama items worth grabbing ASAP.

1. Women's Lounge Pants

The lounge pants were designed for, well, lounging. However, the high waist, tapered fit, and pockets make them totally perfect for off-the-couch pursuits. The pants are marked down to just $50 for members.

2. Onesie

Pajamas don't have to be boring, especially when you have hot pink, llama-festooned onesies like this.

3. Cheeky Brief

This brief is the perfect execution of sexy and sweet.

4. Bikini

In addition to being really cute, MeUndies' fabric is three times softer than cotton. That's what makes them so, so comfy.

5. Boxers

These are the sort of boxers that you live in because they are incredibly comfortable. These are the sort of boxers you love because… llamas.

6. Boy Shorts

The hip huggers are an excellent choice for those nights where you want to Netflix and chill, and nothing else.

7. T-Back Bralette

You totally need a sporty racerback bra starring llamas in your lingerie drawer and on your body.

8. Crew Socks

Llama print socks are a terrific match for whatever kicks you wear them with.

There are also additional silhouettes to shop, such as a thong, a U-back bra, and men's lounge pants. If you are all about that llama drama, you can select individual items. Or you can sign up, shop, and save.