You Can Physically Strap Your Boobs Down With This Size Inclusive Sports Bra

Sports bras are one of those necessary evils in life. You need them to strap the bubbies down, but they come with a whole slew of issues from pinched shoulders to fluctuating sizes. But one new bra on the market aims to fix all of that, where the Molly T. sports bra (sizes 32A-42G) will not only grow and shrink with your boobs, but will keep you comfortable no matter the activity. The founder, Molly T. O'Connor, noticed that the bra market had "too many options, but too little support," and decided to fix that problem with her own innovative creation.

"In a $3.5 billion sports bra industry, there are countless designs to choose from to address a wide range of needs. From low-impact and high-impact to cross-backed and front-close, the choices are overwhelming," Molly T.'s site reads. "Yet none quite fit the bill (or bust) and women are left improvising to ensure their unique support needs are met. Be it doubling-up bras or strategically layering T-shirts, most can attest to the necessity of creating their own literal boobie traps."

Molly T. is here to fix that problem, and has been in the production stages since 2009 — meaning this bra is well thought out and well tested. Featuring a wrap-around design, it allows you to adjust it depending on what kind of movements and activities you're engaging in. It can also easily be altered when your boobs swell or shrink, never again forcing you to buy a new bra thanks to a fluctuation in size.

Traditional sports bras are made with only one impact level in mind, where you can purchase either an easy going bra that will help you stay strapped for low impact movements like yoga, or sturdy bras that will keep your chest locked in for high impact activities like running. This one can be altered on the fly, letting you move between the different impact levels.

"Why rotate sports bras and shell out more money to meet different fitting needs when you can invest in one that does the trick?" Molly T. writes on the site. "As determined by you, the wearer, Molly T. can singularly support high-impact, low-impact, and the plumped-up-pain of PMS impact."

O'Connor, who is a former D1 athlete, thought of the design while she herself was in a changing room. "I had my aha-moment in the ladies soccer room: why can’t we adjust the fabric OVER our breasts where it actually matters?! Most sports bras rely on shoulder straps which frankly, can’t handle all the weight," she shares with Bustle.

Bras that keep real women's problems in mind have the potential to be life changing — especially if you have a bigger bust that restricts you from partaking in certain activities or causes you pain. O'Connor shared one of her most favorite reviews, written by Jenn D. from Long Island, NY who is a 42F in bra size.

She wrote, "Support is FINALLY available for us larger busted ladies. I have spent the majority of my life restricting myself from many physical activities like running because finding a sports bra for my bust size, that actually provided support vs. discomfort was next to impossible! I hit the gym or perform at home HIIT workouts 4-6 days a week now and can finally include sprinting and jumping. I have comfort and support — Thank you Molly T."

Another great thing about this bra is that you can either wear it on its own, or double it up on another favorite sports bra to give that original brassiere some more support.

Molly T. is clearly going to be a game changer when it comes to our bra drawers.