You Need These MONOGRAM x Man Repeller Tees

If anyone can turn a simple wardrobe staple into a chic statement piece, it's Leandra Medine. And that's exactly what she's done with the MONOGRAM x Man Repeller collection. Two regular tee shirts, endless opportunities for epic style moments.

MONOGRAM founders/ridiculously trendy married couple Jeff Halmos and Lisa Mayock designed the graphic tees with the style blogger, and they're just as fabulously weird as you'd expect. One is a bubblegum pink hue with the image of a literal fruitcake with cherries on top across the front, and the second has a bright red background and two hands cutting into the Man Repeller logo with a fork and knife.

As for the fit, these tees don't go the usual slouchy or tight route. They're reminiscent of those massive orders of tees they gave out at camp, or the ones you wore in high school gym class. (Don't ya wish you would've kept those now?) They're boxy, structured, and universal.

And, since it is Man Repeller we're talking about, no need to stick with a simple T-shirt and jeans look (although that works, too). She's all about individuality, so channel your inner Leandra and get creative with how you style the T-shirts. Challenge accepted.

The tees launched today and will be sold on for $65.

If you're in NYC, you can also find them at Man Repeller's Canal Street Market pop-up shop until the end of March. Here's a look at the newest elevated basics on your wish list.