Mr. Peanut Has His Own Sneaker Now & They're WAY Better Than Old Fashioned Spats

Courtesy of Planters

Food-inspired footwear has been a top trend of the past few years. From the Dunkin x Saucony running shoes to the Pizza Hut Pie Top kicks to the Saucamole Avocado Toast trainers, food has factored heavily into fashion. The Mr. Peanut Crunch Force 1 sneakers have dropped and they are the coolest and crunchiest kicks you’ll see this summer.

The Mr. Peanut Crunch Force 1s are available now through June 21 at 6 p.m. ET or while supplies last. This handsome high-top is limited edition and retails for $170. The sneakers can only be purchased via the Crunch Force 1 site and will not be sold in stores. Orders will ship in six weeks and all sales are final.

It's not a stretch for Mr. Peanut to inspire his very own sneaks. After all, he has been both an iconic food brand mascot and quite a snazzy dresser for over a century. Mr. Peanut has long been known for his masterful accessorizing, thanks to his spats, cane, white gloves, top hat, and monocle. Now, he is bringing that signature swagger and style to custom athletic shoes. Diehard fans might have expected a Mr. Peanut-backed line of spats, which are the old fashioned, black and white shoe accessories he wears that were popular in the late 19 and early 20 centuries. But his familiar face is prominently featured on a thoroughly modern silhouette.

Ultimately, Mr. Peanut was due for a shoe.

Here's everything you need to know about the drop, which is expected to "shell out" quickly since only a limited amount of pairs were produced.

The basketball shoe is royal blue and bright yellow, just like a can of delicious Planters peanuts. It's constructed of premium, pebbled leather and come in men's sizes 4 to 12/women's sizes 5.5 to 13.5. But as is the case with any foodie footwear, it's the details that set the shoe apart.

The Crunch Force 1s boast Mr. Peanut himself on the bold tongue, a peanut graphic insole, and monocle detailing throughout. The instantly recognizable Planters logo is stamped on the back heel of each shoe, too.

Courtesy of Planters

While the shoe was designed for the court and arrives ahead of the NBA draft, it's not just for ballers. The Mr. Peanut Crunch Force 1 can be dressed up or down, and worn by anyone with leggings, skinny jeans, LBDS, denim skirts, shorts, or joggers. These kicks are totally versatile and are the epitome of pop culture-infused athleisure. While a lot of food-inspired shoes can be a bit gimmicky, this particular pair is the perfect execution of sophistication and street style.

Courtesy of Planters

The Crunch Force 1s, which were manufactured in Philadelphia, are "shella" cool shoes that both Planters peanuts lovers and basketball fans will flock to. They are pretty much guaranteed to start a conversation anytime you walk into a room while wearing them. Plus, all of your friends will be well aware of what your favorite snack is.

Ultimately, the Mr. Peanut sneaker is a totally wearable shoe. It's time for the latest Yeezy Boosts and the newly-launched Vans x Harry Potter kicks to scoot over and make room for Mr. Peanut's Crunch Force 1s. They could very well be the sneaker of summer 2019.