Where To Buy Silk Pillowcases With The Best Reviews

Bedtime should be luxurious, right? That's why you should rest your head on something smooth and silky, and get your beauty sleep. The best way to do that is to change out your cotton pillowcase for something a bit fancier. Luckily I have the intel on where to buy silk pillowcases — specifically ones with excellent reviews from folks who have already slept on them, at that.

Did you know that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can actually help your hair? Sure, it gets rid of bedhead, but it also keeps damage at bay (like split ends and breakage) that can be caused by the tossing and turning you may do at night. On top of the hair benefits, these are also really great for your skin. Silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic and help keep skin moisturized, allowing you to wake up looking even better than when you went to bed.

Reviewers agreed that they saw and felt a noticeable difference in their skin and hair after sleeping on silk for a few weeks. A few who had acne noticed that their skin was clearing up, and those with super dry skin and hair said that both looked and felt more moisturized after waking up. And since most of them didn't change their haircare and skincare routines, they knew it was from the switch to their beautiful, new silk pillowcases. All this from a pillowcase that's smooth and silky, and helps tame bedhead and keep skin glowing? Sign me up!

1. Protect Your Skin From Drying Out Overnight


IBraFashion Silk Pillowcase, $19, Amazon

Silk retains moisture, which means that you'll wake up with hydrated skin, which means it will look and feel softer. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-allergy properties so the pillowcase won't absorb dirt and grime, so if you accidentally go to bed with makeup on, it won't linger on your pillow and effect you the next night (although you should always be taking your makeup off before bed). "It feels wonderful to my face," writes one happy reviewer. "Very well made, double seamed & love how the flap to insert your pillow is not in the middle but towards one end, making it much easier to insert." On top of the hair benefits, this gorgeous peony print can't be beat.

2. A Pillowcase Designed To Make Skin And Hair Look And Feel Smoother


Slip Silk Pillowcase, $99, Sephora

Cotton pillowcases can cause damage to skin and hair because it scratches skin, and twists hair. This causes you to wake up with creases on your face and bedhead, which is never fun. With a nearly five-star rating on Sephora, the Slip silk pillowcase is super soft and gentle and skin actually glides across the material, instead of being irritated by it. You'll wake up with radiant, bright, hydrated skin, and be surprised at how long you can make your blowout last without any annoying frizz. Plus, it comes in five colors — caramel, pink, white, charcoal, and black — so it'll go with just about any sheets you currently own.

3. Tame Your Morning Hair With This Silky Solution


ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Pillowcase, $23, Amazon

One reviewer said that she used to have a big problem with her long hair getting tangled and knotted while she slept, and that her hair was super dry because of where she lived. Nothing she tried would help solve her problems — until she found a silk pillowcase, that is. "In addition to being really soft and comfortable to sleep on, I'm happy to say that it has actually helped a lot," she writes. "My hair slides over it instead of sticking to it, which helps to reduce tangling. I feel like I lose less moisture out of my hair at night, and I haven't woken up with any bad frizzing or kinking on the ends like it had been doing previously."

4. Extend Your Blowout With This Special Silk Case


Drybar Slumber Party Silk Pillowcase, $45, Sephora

This pillowcase was designed by Drybar to extend your blowout a little bit longer. Silk lets your hair glide over your pillow instead of clinging to it. That means that you'll wake up with less split ends and breakage (not to mention static). The pillow also helps keep your hair hydrated, which is always a good thing, especially for folks with curly hair. A cotton pillowcase strips your hair of its natural moisture, which means it'll start to get frizzier and feel dryer, so swap out your cotton case for a silk one to wake up with healthy, softer hair.

5. Rejuvenate Your Skin With Innovative Copper Fibers


iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase With Copper Oxide, $60, Sephora

This silk pillowcase is made with copper oxide fibers. Copper oxide actually helps support skin's self-renewal abilities, which is a fancy way of saying it allows your skin to better repair itself overnight. I'm sure you didn't expect a piece of fabric to actually improve the look of your skin overtime, but it works. After using the pillowcase for a month, one user said, "I noticed first that the lines on the side of my left eye (I'm a side sleeper) seemed to be less pronounced. Somehow the lines across my forehead are less noticeable...I'm happy I made the investment in this pillowcase."

6. Sleep Comfortably Without Sliding Off The Bed


LILYSILK 100 Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, $17, Amazon

If you're worried that you'll start sleeping on a silk pillowcase and you'll fall off your bed (or your pillow will), then a good option for you would be a half cotton pillowcase. The part that you sleep on is 100 percent silk, while the underside, which goes on the bed, is made from cotton. This way, you won't have to worry about sliding all over the place while you're trying to get your beauty rest.

7. This Pillowcase Comes In Any Color Of The Rainbow


Townssilk 100% Silk Pillowcase, $17, Amazon

If you've decided that you're ready to get a silk pillowcase and experience all of the wonderful things that they do, but you aren't sure you can find one that will match your bedding, don't worry — Townssilk makes a 100 percent silk pillowcase in a whopping 22 colors. On top of the shade selection, you can get it in king, queen, standard, or toddler sized. One buyer said, "Beautiful green color and the silk has a fabulous feel."

8. A Pillowcase That Promises The Ultimate Beauty Sleep


Pur Silk Pillowcase, $22, Amazon

This 600 thread count pillow is so soft, and promises to give you the best beauty sleep you've experienced. Wake up without any hair creases or frizz induced by tossing and turning. One buyer raved, "I am in love with how soft this pillowcase is...Overall a really well made and comfortable pillowcase. I love that I don't feel my hair pulling and tugging."

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