Where To Get Hair Extensions As Long As Vanessa's

by Rosie Narasaki
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She just wowed us all with her mermaid-level hair game... so, where can you buy super long hair extensions like Vanessa Hudgens? The High School Musical actress recently added several inches (perhaps even feet) to her wavy mane, and it looks beyond fabulous — if she were so inclined, she could definitely give Lady Godiva a serious run for her money.

At any rate, it's definitely a striking look that majorly stands out amidst all the springy bobs and lobs — after all, waist-length waves with enviable volume isn't exactly something you see everyday. Plus, there's certainly no denying the fact that Hudgens is making the look work — and will continue to make it work on set for the new role she got the look for in the first place (as well as at Coachella, of course) — so, is it a look you'd be interested in trying out yourself?

Well, unless you've got a serious head start with some ultra-long hair or several years to spend growing out your current 'do (at roughly half an inch a month, it doesn't take much math skill to realize that achieving Hudgens' look would take forever), you're probably going to want to start looking into extensions. So, where to begin?

The Salon

Well, first things first, you might just want to leave a major hair change like this to the professionals, like Ms. Hudgens did. She entrusted her extra-long hair extensions to the experts over at the exclusive Los Angeles Nine Zero One Salon. While getting a new 'do at Nine Zero One may not an option for most of us, you can always go to your own trusted stylist of choice.

That said, be forewarned that a full head of extensions can cost hundreds (or even over a thousand) of dollars. Which leads to your next option...

Clip-In Extensions

REECHO 20" Hair Extensions, $9, Amazon

If you're looking for a less cheaper, DIY way to get in on longer hair, clip-in extensions are always a good option. The ones pictured above are less than $10, super user-friendly, and boast over a thousand positive reviews on Amazon, so there's that!

Tape Weft Extensions

Tape Weft Extensions, $120, Bombay Hair

Tape weft extensions are known for looking natural and feeling comfortable, and they offer a more permanent option than clip-ins — that said, they can be difficult to apply solo. Still it is possible to wear them without the help of a stylist, though having a friend around to help will definitely make a big difference.

What do you think? Is super long hair like Vanessa Hudgens' something you'd be interested in taking out for a spin this spring?