Tarte Is FINALLY Selling Its Infamous April Fool's Eyeshadow Palette — But It's Limited Edition

Tarte just got totally meta. The brand has finally released the Tarte Icy Betch Eye and Cheek Palette, which is inspired by its own 2018 April Fool’s Day joke. Last year, Tarte teased a mermaid-inspired eyeshadow palette filled with radiant and brilliant blue tones.

The beauty community fell for what turned out to be a prank, and shoppers were immensely disappointed that Icy Betch wouldn't be coming to fruition and serving as the bold alternative to the brand's hearty selection of warm neutrals. Fast-forward a year and the legend has morphed into reality. Tarte created the real thing — with some tweaks to the colors and the layout — due to that passionate initial reaction to the joke. You asked and now it's yours.

The Icy Betch Eye and Cheek Palette features nine intensely pigmented and supremely cool-toned eyeshadows, ranging from aqua to teal to navy to periwinkle to white to green, and more, along with a wintry highlighter that will give cheeks a celestial, shimmering glow.

The shadows come in both matte and luster formulas, as well as in square and rectangular pans. Make no mistake. The shapes of the pans are not arbitrary. They can serve as a guide on how to use the colors contained within. The square pans can function as lid, wash, and highlight shades, while the rectangular hues can act as accent colors that define the upper and lower lash lines.

The Icy Betch palette is currently available on the Tarte site for just $24. That shakes out to less than $2.50 per pan of color and thus makes it an incredible value. The palette is limited edition so Tartelettes are going to want to scoop it up on the quick in case it sells out.

Don’t be scared off by the bright, concentrated colors if they happen to fall outside of your normal makeup comfort zone. While they might seem intimidating in the pan, they avail themselves of many wearable looks.

Courtesy of Tarte

You can create dark and dramatic, denim-inspired smoky eyes or soft and romantic, mermaid-like styles. You can buff out the bright shades for a more diffused look. You can use the brighter hues as pops of unexpected color in the inner corners of eyes. Icy Betch is versatile, and you can play with the shades to make them work for you. Consider the palette a tool to inspire your creativity.

Courtesy of Tarte

Ultimately, Tarte Icy Betch will inspire you to makeup and chill while spring and summer the temperatures continue to rise.