Where To Buy Taylor Swift's "Delicate" Blue Tassel Dress That's Causing A Fashion Frenzy

Taylor Swift just dropped the video for "Delicate" and the Swift Nation has been busy decoding all of the pop cultural and self-referential Easter eggs tucked within. Taylor Swift wears a teal blue, tassled mini dress throughout the "Delicate" video and fans are totally here for it for a variety of reasons.

UPDATE: Swift's dress is now available for purchase via the Naeem Khan site.

Swifties are incredibly excited because the singer is dancing in a rainstorm, an act that harks back to the lyrics from her "classic" hit "Fearless." In the song, Swift proclaims, "And I don't know why but with you I'd dance in a storm in my best dress / Fearless." She does just that in the "Delicate" vid.

Fans also love the look of the layered and sparkly blue frock, which spins around her as she busts moves left and right. It's a beautiful dress that enjoys two incarnations.

In the first moments of the video, the dress is a column silhouette and is so long that it sweeps the floor. It boasts tiers of fringe. Swift wears it while making the celeb rounds on a red carpet and at a public event where fans seek selfies. She rolls deep with four security guards decked out in black, which further highlights the hue of her gown. It's an A-list piece of couture.

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The dress has such movement!

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Here is a look from the back, which shows off the layers and the keyhole.

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Check it out from the side vantage point. So. Much. Motion.

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When Swift decides to dance like no one is watching — both in the rain and out— she ditches the bottom half.

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At this point, the fringe becomes more fun and flapper-like. Ultimately, the Roaring '20s-style dress morphs into a mini that flows and that complements all of her dancing. Of course fans want to replicate Swift's style and rock this same frock.

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Wet or dry — it's gorj! According to fashion news site Steal Her Style, Swift's dress is a custom Naeem Khan creation. The site states that the dress is a Spring 2018, ready-to-wear offering. It is now available via the designer's site. The site also reports that Swift wore Anabela Chan earrings and Christian Louboutin Keopump heels in the clip.

The teal color popped against Swift's signature, ruby red lips. Her familiar pony-tail-with-bangs 'do from the Red era is back in the "Delicate" video, as well.

If you can't afford the nearly $3,500 designer version, there are some affordable options out there.

Courtesy of ASOS

Ultimate Fringed Layered Mini Dress, $72, ASOS

This swirly frock is perfect for dancing the night away. While it's an LBD rather than teal, it has a similar, tiered construction. Plus, who wouldn't want to spin around while wearing this?

Courtesy of ASOS

ASOS Fringe & Lace Plunge Bodycon Mini Dress, $60, ASOS

This flapper-inspired slip dress boasts a bright color like Swift's "Delicate" dress but with a strappier top. It also looks like a treat to wear at a club or while on the dancefloor.

Twitter is feeling Swift's "Delicate" dress and how it's the connective tissue between T. Swift then and T. Swift now.

The party frock certainly attracts attention.

T. Swift probably just kicked off a 2018 fashion trend. Be on the lookout for all of the fringe and total tassels.

Swift's dedicated diehards are soaking up all of the visuals, the deeper meanings, and dat dress.

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One can't help but wonder if the dress is also a subtle reference to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn. In the song, Swift coos, "Oh damn, never seen that color blue." Maybe she translated his eye hue into the central outfit in the clip. Nothing is accidental with Swift — especially when it comes to fashion.