Anastasia Beverly Hills Launched Glitter Products That Look Just Like Grown-Up Claire's Makeup

If you grew up in the early 00s, there's a good chance you walked into the iconic store that is Claire's. The brightly hued, feminine AF, glitter covered retailer was a mecca for affordable accessories and makeup, and Anastasia Beverly Hills' new Love Collection is basically Claire's makeup all grown up. It's in the absolute best way possible.

When you think of Anastasia Beverly Hills, there's a good chance you think of brow products, and there's a good reason for the that. The brand has some of the most popular brow products in the beauty space. From their fan favorite Brow Wiz pencil to their Dip brow Pomade and brow gel, the brand's got a true knack for brows, but if you're a beauty lover, you know that fans also love their eyeshadows. In fact, the brand's Soft Glam palette still finds itself in the top ten best-selling palettes on the Sephora website.

For Valentine's Day, the brand is creating even more products that beauty lovers are sure to be obsessed with. While ABH's glitter pigments have been around for sometime now, the new Love Collection is all about the sparkly products, and it's going to be lovers of shiny things extremely happy.

Inside the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Love Collection, fans will find a whopping six single glitters. All of the glitters fall within the pink and red family, and ABH is so dedicated to the glittery love theme of the new collection that they even included a set of glitters that are in the actual shape of hearts. Super cute, right?

Alongside the six glitters, shoppers will also get an adhesive perfect for applying the new pigments. Plus, you'll also get some Sugarfina candy included as well. Fans can purchase the entire collection, which include an adorable, holographic heart-shaped box, for just $60 starting today, Feb. 14.

If however, you don't need all six glitters (but who doesn't want to be coated in glitter?) or maybe you already have an adhesive (aka a glitter glue), the six glitter pigments are up for grabs as individual purchases. Each shade retails for $15 each, and if you need a new adhesives, that's on sale as a single item as well for $18.

Here's the thing about the collection, though. It's an incredible deal if you purchase it as a set. If you were to buy each item individually, you'd end up paying $108, and that's not including the box and the candy. When you buy everything, though, you're getting a huge discount of $48. It's honestly a pretty stellar deal if you're a glitter lover.

While you may have thought your days of fawning over Claire's makeup and glittery accessories was over, Anastasia Beverly Hills has you covered. The collection is definitely the grown up version of the glitter you fawned over as a kid. The difference? Now, you can use it to create the most killer, sparkly cut-crease and embrace your inner Instagram baddie instead of looking like you dove into your mom's makeup bag.

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