Keds Just Launched A Super Cute Betty & Veronica-Themed Sneaker Line

Courtesy of Keds

When it comes to comic book besties, Betty and Veronica are two of the coolest gal pals despite their fashion differences. But whether fans relate more to Betty’s upbeat preppy looks or Veronica’s dark features and fierce silhouettes, both River Vixens' styles are represented in the Betty and Veronica x Keds collection.

Fans of the Archie Comics can step into an assortment of six super cute (and nostalgic) styles designed with the characters and the Archie Comics in mind. According to a press release from Keds, the collection features classic Betty and Veronica pop art, denim fabrics, and touches of velvet to reminisce in the characters’ iconic styles. Plus, the collaboration reintroduces the animated dynamic duo with messages of friendship and empowerment, so it’s a retro, yet timeless collection.

Although Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge first appeared as fashion-forward characters in the 1950’s Archie Comics, the two resurfaced as a brand of their own in 2016.

"We love that we get to keep these two iconic females relevant along with the reincarnation of these characters in the CW show, Riverdale,” said Betty and Veronica Creative Director Jena Kane in the press release. “Together, we are keeping these timeless characters alive as strong, modern day women."

The Betty and Veronica x Keds collection is officially available on the Keds website on April 8, and each pair retails between $60 and $75.

Grab the B to your V and scope out all these sweet sneaks in this collaboration. Here’s what Keds fans can expect in the collection.

Keds x Betty and Veronica Triple Decker

Although the most expensive pair in the bunch, these adorable Triple Decker sneakers are not only the highest platform shoes in the collection, but also the only pair to feature velvet all around the shoes' surface. On top of each shoe is two embroideries: Betty on one side and Veronica on the other.

Keds x Betty and Veronica Anchor

The anchor sneaker features a decorative print of pop art with images of Veronica chatting on the phone and the Riverdale logo to Pop's iconic milk shake. These sleek sneaks will set fans back $65.

Keds x Betty and Veronica Champion

Betty and Veronica put their spin on Keds' exclusive Champion silhouette. These pair are perfect for casual wear as they're the only pair of denim-made sneakers in the bunch.

Keds x Betty and Veronica Kickstart by Pop Print

B&V comic fans will appreciate the "crash" and "pow" graphics on these pink sneakers. Deriving inspiration from the classic comic in pop art graphics, the Kickstart shoes make for a fun feature piece.

Keds x Betty and Veronica Kickstart By Comic

The Kickstart sneakers also pay respect to the gal pals with the original comic book art. These pair make their mark in this collection, capturing clips of the old comic strips in the print.

Keds x Betty and Veronica Double Decker By Comic

The only other semi-high pair of shoes in this collection are Keds' Double Decker sneaker. Made with a wearable black and gray print of Betty and Veronica in the OG Archie Comics, these slip-ons pair nicely with almost anything.

Fans can secure a super cute pair of sneakers to separate any look from the crowd with this line of footwear. After all, two super stylish besties are behind it.