As If You Could Even Resist This 'Clueless' Lip Gloss Collection

Courtesy of BoxLunch

Clueless protagonist Cher Horowitz once proclaimed, "Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good." Well, BoxLunch's Clueless Totally Buggin' Lip Gloss Collection will certainly spotlight your warm and winning smile. It's just the dose of '90s that your daily makeup routine needs, and this set will wholeheartedly appeal to fans of both the decade and the film.

The collection includes three lip glosses, since the '90s marked the onset of the lip gloss heyday. The lippies come in pink, red, and beige tones, and they're packed with megawatt shine and the perfect amount of pigmentation. You'll be able to glam up, gloss, and go, all the while rocking whichever shade suits your mood.

But the best thing about the Clueless lip range is the packaging. It's all about the adorable and plentiful details.

The lip glosses are housed in a clear mini handbag with hot pink top handles. That way, you can easily store, see, and reach for the shade you feel like wearing. You can also repurpose the tiny pouch and use it to store other valuables. A powder pink puff is attached to the mini bag. It's a well-played nod to Cher Horowitz's favorite fluffy pen.

The caps of the glosses themselves feature the signature plaid patterns that Cher and her crew wore throughout the movie.

These glosses are undoubtedly Cher-approved. It's as though she designed them herself since they feature so many of her favorite things. The wand of the bubblegum pink gloss boasts the yellow and black- checked design that looks exactly like Cher's famous two-piece ensemble. The wand of the brick red shade features the black and white plaid design that Cher's BFF Dionne favored.

But wait — there's more. The pink gloss has faux diamond adornments sprinkled around the rim of the cap, while the red one is finished off by a red rose, just like Dionne's signature hat. The peachy beige gloss is topped with a heart.

These aren't simply lip glosses. These are accessories that will enhance any outfit as well as your pout.

The Clueless Totally Buggin' Lip Gloss Set is priced at $14.90. That shakes out to less than $5 per tube making this gloss collection is as economical as it fashionable.

As of press time, BoxLunch is offering a 20 percent discount on the collection, which drops the collection's total price to just under $12. That's a total steal and one that's hard to pass up. Just apply the BLGIFTS code at checkout in order to take advantage of the savings. The discount cannot be applied with other offers.

Courtesy of BoxLunch

Ultimately, the pink and red tones absolutely pop, while the beige is an excellent choice for those days when you feel like going with a low-key lip.

While Clueless came out 24 years ago, the film still resonates with all generations. The BoxLunch Clueless glosses are a simple but effective way to connect — or reconnect — with a pop culture touchstone of the '90s. The fashions and beauty trends that defined the era remain beloved and continue to exert their influence by inspiring nostalgic products that speak to your inner '90s kid. This lip gloss set is further proof of that. The '90s will never, ever go out of style. As if!