These Adorable Minnie Mouse Necklaces Pay Tribute To The Fashion Icon's Signature Bow & Polka Dots

Courtesy of RockLove

Diehard Disney fans express their fondness for the princesses and characters that populate the stories through accessories, clothing, décor, and more. However, if you're a low-key Disney fan — and more specifically a low-key Minnie Mouse fan — you just found your new favorite jewelry. Disney x RockLove Minnie Mouse bow necklaces are a refined way to display your affinity and affection for the character.

RockLove's previous Disney collections include the Villain range, which paid tribute to the Evil Queen moreso than Snow White. It was a glorious celebration of the foils to the princesses. The Nightmare Before Christmas collection was equally as reverent in depicting the beloved inhabitants of Halloween Town.

Those pieces, which included necklaces and rings, were obvious in their Disney-ness. The Minnie Mouse bow necklaces skew more towards a "fine" jewelry aesthetic. They are precious and perfect for gifting.

The necklaces are defined by Minnie's signature bow and polka dots. But RockLove designer Allison Cimino reinterprets those hallmarks with a twist — the necklaces come in array of classic colors, like black and red, each of which comes in small or large. Then, there are four shades in the Color Pop Series — cerulean, tangerine, violet, and coral. The Color Pops are the smaller size and are supremely limited edition — only 50 of each were created.

Courtesy of RockLove

Therefore, if one of the shades is really speaking to you and your personal style, you would be wise to scoop it up now.

Courtesy of RockLove

The silhouette is iconic and is wearable with anything. Layer it with other pieces or let it to be a standalone piece worn a la a carte.

Courtesy of RockLove

The necklaces are just $59 for the small bows and $79 for the larger pendants. They are on sale now at the RockLove site.

Courtesy of RockLove

The coral Color Pop Minnie Bow necklace is a ShopDisney exclusive.

SPOILER ALERT: Each necklace has a little secret. If you don't want to know what it is, then scroll down a few paragraphs to the product options below.

Courtesy of RockLove

However, if you simply need to know what's hidden within each necklace, I'll tell you. Etched on the back of each bow is an "autograph" of sorts. It reads: "Minnie XOXO" and each "i" is dotted with a heart. Those are absolutely darling details.

That "easter egg" of sorts makes the necklace that much more special.

1. Minnie Mouse Bow Necklace Figaro Black Large

2. Minnie Mouse Bow Necklace Figaro Black Small

3. Minnie Mouse Bow Necklace Iconic Red Large

4. Minnie Mouse Bow Necklace Iconic Red Small

5. Minnie Mouse Bow Necklace Violet

6. Minnie Mouse Bow Necklace Cerulean

7. Minnie Mouse Bow Necklace Tangerine

8. Minnie Mouse Bow Necklace Coral

You can keep Minnie Mouse close to your heart when wearing any of these around your neck. They are adorable, quirky, and you can pair them with anything from jeans and a tee to your fave LBD. The Disney x RockLove Minnie Mouse bow necklaces will be an excellent addition to any OOTD and any accessories collection.