Where To Buy The Felicia the Flamingo Lip Balm & Make All Your Summer Pout Dreams Come True

If you're looking for fun summer-ready lip treatment, you don't need to look further than this pool floatie-inspired flamingo salve. According to PopSugar, the lip balm is created from a collaboration between Sephora and Taste Beauty — Sephora wanted to bring something original and playful to their customers during those peak swimming pool months. But where can you buy the Felicia the Flamingo Lip Balm? You'll be able to snap it up at one of your favorite makeup stores, so it won't be hard to find.

The concept for this balm is a sassy pink flamingo that's supposed to help you say "Bye Felicia" to your chapped, winter lips. The lip balm is sparkly and pink and super cute, and it's strawberry flavored to boot. You can just imagine the reactions you would get if you casually flipped it open on the bus or at the beach and put some on — it's definitely one of the more novel makeup items to try this summer.

If you're dying to match your actual pool floaties with this miniature version, you can get yours now at — you guessed it — Sephora. You can pick it up either personally or order it online, and it will set you back a breezy 10 dollars.

While that might cost more than what you might be used to for a balm, you're definitely paying for the additional wow-factor that just doesn't come with a boring balm in a tube. It also comes with a reusable mini beach bag that closes with a string, so that's an added perk. You can either use the bag to store your gloss while it's rattling around in the bottom of your purse, or to stash small items while you're sitting on the sand on the beach.

Felicia the Flamingo Lip Balm, $10, Sephora

If you feel like you absolutely need this product in your summertime makeup arsenal, then all you have to do is take a walk to your nearest Sephora. If you rather not get off the couch, you can also just go to Sephora.com and get your beauty fix that way. Put some strawberry-scented glitter balm on your lips and you'll be summer ready!

Images: Sephora (1)