This Hello Kitty Skin Care Collab Is Every Sanrio Fan's Dream Come True

by Madison Alcedo

Attention all Hello Kitty fans: if you love beauty products, and if you love Hello Kitty, get ready to shop three new products from one of 2017's best collaborations yet. Skin care brand Peter Thomas Roth just released a Hello Kitty rose skin care collection, and it's hard to contain the excitement.

Every avid skin care enthusiast knows how important it is to incorporate multiple products into your daily routine, especially a cleaning gel, an essence, and a face mask like the new rose-infused Peter Thomas Roth products.

The best (and coolest) part of this collection is that the products are specially made up of rose plant stem cells and rose extracts that are known to help improve the look and vitality of your skin.

Not only will you get to relive the '90s thanks to the adorable Hello Kitty packaging, you'll be helping to reduce your skin's appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also hydrating your face to leave it looking smooth and healthy.

So where can you buy this genius Peter Thomas Roth x Hello Kitty collab? Luckily you can already purchase the cleansing gel, the balancing essence water, and the gel mask online at

Rose Repair Cleansing Gel, $38, Peterthomasroth; Balancing Essence Water, $38, Peterthomasroth; Rose Water Gel Mask, $52, Peterthomasroth

This collab is too cute! Check out all the products below.

1. Hello Kitty Rose Repair Gel Mask

Courtesy of Peter Thomas Roth

Hello Kitty Rose Repair Gel Mask, $52, Peterthomasroth

For an added bonus: Try placing this mask in the fridge before wearing for an extra-cool DIY facial.

2. Hello Kitty Rose Repair Balancing Essence Water

Courtesy of Peter Thomas Roth

Hello Kitty Rose Repair Balancing Essence Water, $38, Peterthomasroth

This essence water helps add moisture back to your skin.

3. Hello Kitty Rose Repair Cleansing Gel

Courtesy of Peter Thomas Roth

Hello Kitty Rose Repair Cleansing Gel, $38, Peterthomasroth

Use this as daily cleanser to take off your makeup and remove impurities

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