This Perfect Anti-Valentine's Day Clothing Line Is For The Unapologetically & Bitterly Single

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and with it comes everything that comes with the heart filled holiday: chocolate candies, restaurant reservations, and doily filled greeting cards. But if you're not one to become mushy on the big day, you might start getting lightly nauseous with all the outwards expressions of love. But luckily for you, there are plenty of collections that will capture that anti-Valentine mood. Valfre's not so Valentine's, Valentine's Day Collection is especially made for the anti-Cupid person, and the end result is a chic and playful collection that will have you embracing the color red and dodging Cupid's arrow.

This drop isn't typical for Valfre's annual Valentines Day Collection, but they decided to try something new this year in order to celebrate a specific kind of woman. The collection was inspired by anti-romance, because "sometimes all a girl needs is herself and a badass wardrobe," the brand said in a press release.

The line features Valfre's most loved character, Lucy the she-devil, who represents the devilish side in every girl: devious, sassy, and hotter than hell. The line is all attitude, with phrases like "Go 2 Hell" and "Romance Is Dead" spread across it, but while still maintaining a sweet and Valentines-heavy aesthetic. Check out some of the options below.

"Go 2 Hell" Top

Cheeky in the fact that it uses the candy heart format, this black turtleneck puts the traditional heart shaped candy on its head by adding devil horns and having the text read "go 2 hell."

"Romance Is Dead" Sweater

Don't believe in candle lit dinners and in chivalry? Live that sentiment load and proud with this cotton candy pink knit, which announces that "romance is dead" in cursive text on the back.

Heart Shaped Corduroy Pants

If you like subtler details in your Valentines Day outfits, then these red corduroy pants can be a great pick for you. Not only does the color theme fit in with the month, but it also has heart shaped pockets on the butt. That way it's still festive without being cheesy with overly-obvious Valentine details.

Maneater Hoodie

Express your inner maneater side with this quirky black hoodie. Featuring a cropped hemline, it showcases Lucy the she-devil, who has been convicted of her maneating crimes in a mugshot in "Helifornia." She's flirting, winking, and completely unapologetic.

"You Are Garbage" Shirt

This top is very early-2000s, what with its tight, shrunken silhouette and frilly hemline. But while it has some nostalgic, throwback vibes with its aesthetic, the text on the top is what makes it shine. It reads, "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, You are Garbage."

Heart Shaped Backpack

For a piece that feels a little less snarky and a little more traditional, the heart shaped backpack is a winner. Made out of red corduroy, it features two heart-shaped buckle belts, giving it a sweet and festive twist.

Break Up Beret

Wear your latest breakup loud and proud with the "Break Up Beret," which features a broken heart held together with a safety pin on the front.

If you can't wait to get your hands on these tongue in cheek Valentine's Day pieces, then you won't have to wait long. The collection will be available to shop on the Valfre website starting Jan. 29. Stock up on your February pieces, and have fun with the traditionally lovey dovey holiday!