Where To Buy White Skittles For Pride Month

In honor of Pride Month, a number of companies have released campaigns to show support for the LGBTQIA+ community. While many brands have chosen to incorporate the iconic rainbow flag into their products, one already rainbow-centric snack is doing the opposite. As a Pride Month tribute, Skittles released an all-white bag of the usually multicolored candy.

On each bag of the limited-edition Pride Month Skittles, as well as on the in-store display, is a message that reads: “During Pride, only one rainbow matters. So we’ve given up ours to show support.” A portion of the profits from each bag purchased will also go towards LGBTQIA+ charities.

This is the second year of Skittles’ Pride Month campaign. Last year’s message was similar — “This Pride, only one rainbow deserves to be the center of attention” — as were the all-white candies they sold. While these Skittles may not have their classic colors, the flavors remain in tact. The all-white Skittles in turn make each bag a sort a “mystery mix,” as stated in a statement Skittles provided to NewNowNext.

If you want to check them out for yourself and eat candy for a good cause, you can buy Pride Month Skittles on Amazon. If you’re in the U.K., it looks like they’re also available to purchase at Tesco.

Original Limited Edition White Skittles, $8, Amazon

Some people have taken to social media to point out potential problems with the Pride Month Skittles, namely that the campaign could be read as racist. Some tweets have gone so far to say the campaign is equating whiteness with equality. Admittedly, having the words “white” and “pride” that close to each other could certainly be cause for concern for any brand. And Skittles would not be alone in the list of brands that have misstepped during Pride Month.

Other sources of outrage are significantly less insidious: People are just mad they can’t pick out their preferred flavor from the Skittles bag. Even if Skittles isn’t your preferred candy of choice, not being able to find your favorite flavor is something we can all relate to. (You better not do me like that, Starburst.)

While the intention of the Skittles’ campaign seems to be in the right place (in regards to supporting the LGBT+ community ... not in the other potentially racist regard), the conversations it’s caused could be cautionary to brands who want to make sure their message is inclusive of everyone.