Justin Bieber & DJ Khaled's Video Location Is Vacation Goals

by S. Atkinson

Hedge mazes. A view of the ocean. A geometrically designed swimming pool. The backdrop looks absolutely incredible, so where was DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber's "I'm The One" video filmed? Those exact details haven't been revealed, so let's investigate what we know so far. Back in February, DJ Khaled posted an Instagram still from the video along with a caption emphasizing a need for privacy:

"Fan luv please I beg you keep this top SECERT !!! Secret !! Video !! SECERT anthem !!! GRATEFUL THE ALBUM COMING !! stay tuned for the next pic please keep this top secret please !!! There one more icon missing from this pic yull see soon !! But please keep it top SECERT!"

One of the top "secert" (sic — I couldn't resist) aspects of the video has to be its gorgeous location. Multiple online outlets have described the setting as a "mansion in California" and there is, of course, the fact that the video, featuring superstars like Chance The Rapper and Lil Wayne, opens on DJ Khaled describing the setting as his own house in a phone call. While the musician does indeed own an opulent mansion in Beverly Hills, California, which doesn't look too dissimilar from the setting of the video, there are some key differences. It has a normal-shaped swimming pool, instead of an elaborately patterned swimming pool.

And from the photos on Forbes, Khaled's place appears to be encircled by trees, meaning it would be tricky for it to have a sea view. While it does have the beginnings of a hedge maze at the front of the house, it's nowhere near as large as the one shown in the video above, allowing seven different musicians to gently sway to the music alongside each other in it.

But does it really matter where the video was filmed? The point is, it's aspirational. It looks like a perfect daydream of a place. It's got everything — an adorable baby producing the video, an even more adorable peroxided Canadian superstar rocking out, it's so large that you can gallop a horse 'round its grounds, you've got both salt-water and non-salt water swimming options, and those columns make the mansion reminiscent of Cher Horowitz's mansion in Clueless.

So if you need some fuel for your real estate fever, hit play on the above. You won't regret it.