Where You Should Go For Spring Break As An Adult, According To Your Zodiac Sign

As the warmer months (finally!) roll in and we wait for spring to come upon us, we all have a nice vacation on our minds. But depending on how the stars aligned when you were born, there are certain places you should go for spring break as an adult, based on your zodiac sign.

The season you were born in can affect this. Those born at the peak of summer (Leos, looking at you) are going to feel the sun restore them way more, while others may not feel so strongly.

Some people thrive in tropical places more (Cancer, you know this is true) while some like the more chilly sorts of places (Capricorn, you don't have time to get sun-kissed when there is work you can't afford to distracted from wanting to do!).

But a key factor is what kinds of activities you can do in certain places. Depending on how big the city is or how remote the countryside is, signs that crave comfort prefer some locations, while others that thrive when they're want to be out and about may want a more bustling area. So how do you determine where to go then? Read on to find out:


Your inner world is so active, as you are the first of the zodiac. You love hiking and exploring the less beaten path, where you can socialize with locals and be excited. This break, if you can swing it, try a more exotic overseas location that you've never been before. Go to one with lots of remote countrysides in different countries, like Germany, Queensland, or Brazil. You're going to get a kick out of all the new, and the scenery!


You're a bit of a hedonist who likes their comfort zones, Taurus. So you're going to probably feel most thriving when you stick slightly (only slightly!) closer to your familiar stomping grounds. You're going to love all-inclusive resorts or a relaxing cruise. Try warm climates where you can kick back and relax, like Mexico or the Caribbean. You won't regret it.


Gemini, you love tours of big, bustling locations. If you haven't already (or if you want to go again), hop on your next plane to Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago. There is so much to do or see there, and all sorts of quirky people who can tell you all about the best, hidden parts of the city. Your intellectual side will love the museums and the sights, and it'll just revitalize you to tackle your next projects with a ton of enthusiasm, too.


You're a homebody, but in a soothing way. The sign of the crab means you're going to love a nice beach getaway. But maybe one that's a bit more remote for a change? An unconventional spin is going to the Oregon coast and checking out Cannon and Seaside beaches. These have packed dirt and are a little more chilly and windy, but it will give you the perfect excuse to cuddle up closer to your loved ones and contemplate on what makes you happy.


You love excitement, Leo, and you still have your youthful spirit about you no matter how far away your college years are. Las Vegas might be a perfect destination for you to get your daredevil side on! If you haven't gambled before, or already love it, use your natural logical and bold sides to see if you can make it big. And even if you don't win, you'll definitely have a good time risking it for the biscuit with all the other jolly visitors this spring.


You like places that make you think, and the East Coast may be perfect for you to get your intellect on. This spring, try exploring the city of Boston and its rich history. Or go to D.C. and visit all the monuments and write down your thoughts. You're not necessarily a loud partier all the time — or at least, you prefer a place with a lot of people, but a good way to think twice about the finer things in life, too.


You could stand for a retreat up in the mountains. Consider going to Denver for your spring break — it's a good place to relax but also has enough culture (and fresh air!) for you to have a good time. Your flowy, mutable state of mind is going to love Boulder less than two hours away too, should you venture out to the rest of Colorado.


Everyone loves your intensity, Scorpio, so try taking a vacation that will match that. If you haven't been, consider going to a destination in Asia like Beijing, Tokyo, or a place where you don't know the culture too well. It'll be a challenge to see if you can navigate the area, and you can also visit the historic shrines and ponder the karmic implications of our existence today.


You're a traveler of all sorts, so why not just take a great American road trip? Make your way down the West Coast, peel through the Midwest, run around the Bible Belt in the South — in any case, if anyone can hit multiple locations in one week without batting an eyelash, it's your indefatigable spirit, Sag.


Your bookish nature would feel right at home in the London fog. If you feel England calling, heed that call! If there isn't some sort of conference where you can ~self-improve~ instead, try going to the UK and seeing how the people who drive on the left side of the road live their lives. It might give you ideas for your putting whatever career plans you have into action, to get out of your usual orbit for a little while.


Go to Italy and check out the gondolas, and the beautiful structures. You're a nerd for civilizations, Aquarius, and what better one to check out than the Italian empire in all its former and present glory? You can also make some friends along the way to add to your group, but don't be afraid to get out and let your fixed air sign contemplate a specific culture this spring.


New Orleans, Louisiana might be a place for you, Pisces. You love going on a journey of self-discovery, and what better place to do that than the historic French Quarter? Bow your head and let your intuition flow as you bask in the city's romantic architecture. Regardless of where you go, let your emotions carry you in whichever direction your heart desires.