These 6 Signs Are More Likely To Be Dog People — And These 6 Signs Are Into Cats


Cat people versus. dog people: It's a preferential debate as old as time. While peoples' affinity for either Team Cat or Team Dog can seem pretty random, there are actually quite a few personality traits of cat people and dog people that have been noted as a correlation. For example, according to Pyschology Today, dog people are more likely to be extroverted, while cat people tend to be more intellectually curious. That said, it makes sense that there would be zodiac signs more likely to be a cat person or a dog person, too.

While anyone can obviously be a cat person or a dog person regardless of their astrological sign, there are some signs that may be more likely to prefer a canine companion to a feline one, and vice versa. Different astrologers definitely have varying and valid opinions on the matter — but hear me out, because I have my reasons.

Elementally speaking, there are some general qualities to take note of. Energetic fire signs may lean toward dog life, as they want an animal companion who can keep up with their extroverted and on-the-go lifestyle — and because they want a pet who is as excitable and passionate about having fun as they are! Grounded earth signs are also more partial to dogs, as they tend to be responsible and able to keep up with the sometimes more extensive needs that doggos require, and can appreciate the straighforwardness of a dog's communication style.

Moving onto light, detached air signs: These tend to be kitty folk, as they prefer the low-maintenance, chill vibe of cat guardianship, and are cool with the typical cat personality of being aloof, detached, and independent. Water signs may lean toward cat life, too, as these emotionally- and psychically-sensitive people are able to connect with cats on their level and perceive their needs, even when they're not in the mood express them clearly.

Now, of course, there are exceptions to every rule - even within the breakdowns below! These hypotheses are based merely on my knowledge of astrology and sun sign qualities, plus research done on the stereotypical personality traits of cat people vs. dog people, so it's merely a projection. But remember, as is true with all things in astrology, you can't rely on your sun sign alone for a fully-accurate read — you have a whole chart full o' planets that affect different aspects of your personality and areas of your life! So take the list below with a grain of salt, as there are many exceptions to all things (for example, I'm a Libra and a pure cat person to my absolute core — and this happened to be a dramatically major point of contention in a past romantic relationship with a hardcore dog-loving Scorpio).

Check out whether you're more likely to be a cat person or dog person, based on your zodiac sign, and see if it ends up being true for you.

Aries: Dog People

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Aries be dog peeps, for sure. As the first sign to kick off the astrological year, they're our zodiac's leaders and trailblazers, so ideally, they need a sidekick who is down to follow their lead, which loyal doggos will. Plus, these energetic, fiery personality types will have plenty to give a dog when it comes to exploring new places on walks and adventures.

Taurus: Dog People

Taurus' can definitely swing both ways, but ultimately I'm going with dog people. While cozy cuddles in bed with a cat is a match for the ideal, relaxation-filled Taurus lifestyle, they can get the same chill with a laid back dog, too. Taureans can be a bit stubborn, so having a well-trained pup who will follow their direction and stick by their side is best.

Gemini: Cat People

Perhaps the most cat-like of the zodiac signs, Geminis are endlessly curious and independent free-thinkers, so they can easily vibe with a curious kitty's need to explore on their own free will. "Curiosity killed the cat" is a phrase I don't love, but it surely highlights the truly inquisitive nature of a kitty, and it's true for a Gemini, too.

Cancer: Dog People

As an exception within the cat-lovin' water signs, Cancers are likely to be dog people. Ruled by the maternal moon, they love to be caretakers. And while kitties require lots of attention, dogs need even more time - and nurturing Cancers are more than willing to give it. Plus, they can be moody, so having a loyal, emotionally-reliable pup is ideal.

Leo: Dog People

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While kitties are definitely close to a Leo's lion-like heart, when it comes down to it, they're more likely to be dog people. No one loves attention like a Leo does, and a dog will give that to them undivided. Having a loyal, all-consumed, adoring animal companion definitely fits a Leo's lifestyle, and they're more than willing to give just as much in return.

Virgo: Cat People

Here's the exception to the dog-lovin' Earth signs: Virgos may lean toward cat life. Virgos love order and cleanliness, so naturally clean kitties (who, unlike dogs, generally don't need baths or poop pick-up bags) are a match for their detail-oriented lifestyle. They can also appreciate the intrinsic sophistication of a feline and won't find them too detached.

Libra: Dog People

Libras love to be loved, and that's why these air signs may actually be more likely to be dog people than cat people. While Libras def have a tendency to intellectualize things and love a kitty cat aesthetic, their intense love of constant affection will ultimately tip their scales in favor of a loyal, forever-attention-giving puppy to shower them with love.

Scorpio: Cat People

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While deep and intense Scorpios definitely crave the type of unyielding loyalty that a dog can offer, ultimately they are likely to be of the kitty persuasion. Scorpios can be withdrawn and moody, as can cats, TBH, so they'll definitely identify with them on that level. Plus, Scorpios want loyalty based on free will, not obligation, so a cats love will mean even more to them.

Sagittarius: Cat People

While fire signs tend to love the high-energy and constant positivity of a pup, Sagittarius may actually be more inclined to the feline. No one is as on-the-go and spontaneous as a Sag, and so a cat's slightly-lower-maintenance lifestyle is going to be much more compatible. It's easier to find a cat sitter than a dog sitter, and a Sag has got to keep that in mind.

Capricorn: Dog People

Always rational and sensible, a Capricorn has the discipline it takes to not only train, but properly handle the major responsibility of having a doggo as a companion. Ruled by Saturn, the father figure of the zodiac, a Cap will have no problem playing the role of the "master" to their loyal, loving dog — and a dog's free spirit can help loosen them up, too.

Aquarius: Cat People

The zodiac's resident oddball, Aquarians are truly free spirits with a passion for thought and intellectualism — so cat life is definitely compatible with them. Having a dog might feel a little clingy for an Aqua, but a kitty's aloof and independent attitude will make these air signs feel right at home.

Pisces: Cat People

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While a Pisces can definitely get down with the warm, adoring, sometimes overbearing presence of a dog, these spiritual and psychically-sensi water signs are likely to lean toward team cat. Pisces love to be pensive and spend quality alone time with themselves, and having a house cat to quietly keep them company is the ideal sitch.