These Are The Dose Of Colors Products Available At Ulta

The jury is sometimes split on Instagram makeup artists and beauty trends. But I can't and won't deny that I consistently seek eyeliner hacks, new products, new tips from Internet MUAs, and new brands, like Dose of Colors, which is now available online through Ulta Beauty, by scrolling Insta. I love that the app suggests pics, vids, people, and brands to follow based on accounts I have interacted with. I've found so many cool new products that I support through purchases. Internet-adored makeup brand Dose of Colors is one that often dominates my Instagram feed, be it directly or via online MUAs who use the products in their vids and pics. I learned about the brand solely through IG.

The company is known for its super matte liquid lipsticks and lippies and it has officially crossed over. A bunch of Dose of Colors products are available via Ulta's website as of right now. Here's what Dose of Colors products are available at Ulta. It's not just liquid mattes, either!

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In addition to the matte liquid lipsticks, the brand's lip glosses, creamy lippies, Eyedeal Duo Eyeshadows, Baked Browns and Marvelous Mauves eyeshadow palettes, and Supreme Glow Highlighter are also available via Ulta's site. The lippies, shadows, and highlighters come in multiple colors because #choices.

Click Here To Shop The Dose Of Colors Products Via Ulta

The brand is more widely available via a major retailer. If the launch does well online, products could eventually be sold in stores.

Courtesy of Ulta

If you head to the Ulta website to stock up or for a haul, you can grab some Dose of Colors items.

Click Here To Shop The Dose Of Colors Products Via Ulta

If you've not previously been exposed to DoC, look at this way. If the brand is good enough for Ulta, it's good enough for lips and lids. The crown jewels really are the liquid lippies.