This Is What Hogwarts House All The Love Islanders Would Be In – Don't @ Me

by Lollie King
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The new season of Love Island has finally begun and, true to form, it's been nothing short of TV magic. In more ways than one. I don't know about anyone else but, with such a mix of personalities in the villa, I've found myself thinking a lot about which Harry Potter house the Love Island-ers would be in. I can't be alone in wondering about this... right?

This year could well be the most exciting start to any Love Island series ever, with contestants already showing their true colours and some proving themselves to be quite divisive characters. As with every new season of Love Island, many fans watching the show have been drawing parallels between the new recruits and some fan favourites from previous years. But I'm looking for something a little more niche.

In the Harry Potter series, when each student sits down beneath the sorting hat, we all know the house their about to be sorted into is about far more than just which common room they'll be traipsing back to after class. A Hogwarts house dictates the future of the students, and it says a lot about their personality traits and strengths.

So, with all that said, I have bestowed the talents of the sorting hat upon myself to correctly assess each of the 2019 newbies in the villa and establish which house they belong in. Read on to find out my thoughts.

NB: I've gone with the original 2019 cast as of episode one.

Yewande — Gryffindor


The purest soul in the villa, Yewande. Gryffindor is the holy grail of Hogwarts houses and, with a lion as their mascot, they're known for being "brave at heart." For this reason, it's the perfect house for Yewande. She went to university when she was just 16, which is an incredible feat, and definitely something only the "brave at heart" would take on at such a young age. Yewande truly is goals, and I can so see her in Gryffindor.

Amy — Hufflepuff


I would say Amy is a Hufflepuff because this house places a lot of value in loyalty and fair play, and she seemed pretty chuffed at how loyal Curtis was after coming back from the hot tub with Molly-Mae. Plus, Amy is just *so* nice. And Hufflepuffs generally are too.

Anton — Slytherin


Anton progressed from a respectable Ravenclaw to a firm Slytherin. His ego seems pretty big at the moment but luckily it's been taken down a couple of notches following Anna's decision to couple up with Sherif. Anton's exclamations "bet you didn't expect this Scottish accent to come out of this body" and saying he bought a Porshe to woo girls is enough to show me exactly which house he belongs in.

Joe — Ravenclaw


Joe's OTT attitude towards Lucie almost got the better of him, but he managed to reunite with her in the most recent coupling up. I'd put Joe in Ravenclaw as this house values "wit and learning" and clearly he his been smart, learned from his mistakes, and played his cards right in order to recover from his behaviour when Tommy first entered the villa.

Lucie — Slytherin


Simply because of her incessant use of the words "bev" and "bevvy" Lucie has found herself in Slytherin. While initially everyone thought that she was overusing these words because they were Cornish slang, iNews reports that these words are not native to Cornwall at all. This is enough to put her in Slytherin IMO. Don't @ me.

Amber — Ravenclaw


Amber's attitude has ruffled a few feathers among viewers, but, as Bustle has previously written about, her non-nonsense approach is also pretty iconic. I'm going to place Amber in Ravenclaw as some of her one-liners are witty AF (minus that one about Callum being old at 28, which was a little ridic IMO), and Ravenclaws are known for their wit.

Curtis — Gryffindor


If chivalry is a quality that defines Gryffindors then Curtis is a sure bet. Although Curtis along with Tommy had a difficult task of breaking up a couple and choosing a girl, Curtis handled the whole situation like an absolute gent (despite not choosing Yewande, big mistake buddy). He even consoled Lucie when she was upset about Tommy deciding to couple up with her. A saint.

Sherif — Hufflepuff


Hufflepuffs value hard work. Despite his famous catch phrase — "it is what it is" — Sherif has refused to take Anna's casual attitude lying down and has been grafting hard. And it looks like it's paying off, so hats off to him.

Tommy — Slytherin


Despite his dreamy eyes and constant preaching that he's an honest guy, choosing to recouple with Lucie was the ultimate act of snakery. Therefore, Tommy, I'm sorry, but you have made your bed in Slytherin. I had higher hopes for you.

Michael — Hufflepuff


Ravenclaw's motto is "wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure." Michael is witty AF, and 100 percent Ravenclaw. Now he just needs more air time.

Anna — Ravenclaw


Anna is another house mate who could potentially fall into a number of different houses but I would put her in Ravenclaw. This house is very wise, and Anna has shown some serious wisdom when advising the girls about other guys, and in playing things safe with Sherif at first. We're finally seeing more of her on our screens and it looks like her and Sherif could turn into one of our favourite couples.

Callum — Hufflepuff


Oh, Callum. This islander had very little air time on the show, but the little glimpses we did catch of him put him firmly in Hufflepuff for me. Hufflepuffs value patience, which is certainly a trait to describe Callum. Sadly, however, Callum took being patience to extremes when he didn't make a move on anyone and was the first to be dumped from the island.

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