You'll See Familiar Faces In 'Spider-Man: Homecoming's Post-Credits Scenes

by Allie Gemmill

With Spider-Man: Homecoming finally — finally — in theaters, fans can finally talk about those post-credits scenes. Spoilers ahead. There may be two scenes, but they're totally deserving of a closer look. In particular, it should be noted a few Marvel characters are in the Homecoming post-credits scenes, including one Captain America.

By now, you may have heard that in one of the two Homecoming post-credits scenes, Captain America returns in a lighthearted moment that extols the virtue of patience. The post-credits scene shuns expectations that anything juicy or Easter egg-filled might happen which would tease the next Marvel movie, as is often the case with a Marvel film. The post-credits scene also builds on the running joke that Captain America is a do-gooder, who's there to instruct the youngsters about the difference between right and wrong. Bless you, dear Captain America.

In the first post-credits scene, however, audiences rejoin Vulture in prison as he meets possible upcoming Spider-Man baddie Scorpion. In the scene, Vulture speaks to a former associate whose scorpion tattoo is visible (giving rise to the scuttlebutt that this is, in fact, Scorpion). Vulture tells the man that he wants to know Spider-Man's identity. He also notes the he wants to take care of Spider-Man himself, especially after having been defeated by the teen web-slinger — an affront to the older criminal. To this, the man with the scorpion tattoo tells Vulture he may know Spider-Man's identity.

Both post-credits scenes don't tease too, too much about what to expect in the MCU overall, but the appearance of a possible new villain (Scorpion), as well as the strong implication that Vulture will return in the next Spider-Man film, is totally exciting. If anything, it will be nice to have a little continuity with the Spider-Man movie villains with Vulture's possible reprisal; something previous reboots arguably did not do.

For now, you'll just have to take Captain America's advice and be patient until the next film. These post-credits scenes will just have to tide you over.