These New ‘Krypton’ Arrivals Could Be Undercover DC Comics Characters

Steffan Hill/Syfy

Krypton includes a few familiar faces and even more familiar names from the rich world of DC comics, but what may be most fascinating to Superman fans is how much we don't know. The caste system, religion, and overall society on Planet Krypton is so fascinating, and offers a ton of new characters. Spoilers for the March 28 episode. For example, who are Rhom and Ona on Krypton? The House of El has many friends among the rankless.

In the second episode, Seg is visited by a seemingly single mother named Rhom, and her daughter Ona. Played by Alexis Raben and Tipper Seifert-Cleveland, they're there to pay their respects for the death of Seg's parents, who would often take care of little Ona. According to IMDb, at least, this isn't the last that we'll see of these two characters.

Are they from the comics? It doesn't seem like it, though the use of Brainiac and Adam Strange on Krypton means that anything is possible. There are many ways that they could be involved in a story that's ripped from the page. There is an Ona Tornson who fought in World War II, as well as a comic character named S'Ona, an Atlantean Queen who would be more likely to hang out with Aquaman than Superman's grandpa. There is also an Atlantean villain named Rhombus. For good measure, there is also a character named Ramona in DC Comics — she does hair.

So most likely these two characters are not from the comics, just using names that fit the DC mold. Ever notice how many "L" names are in DC comic books and television shows? Lyta Zod, Lyra, Lara, Lex and Lena Luthor, Lana Lang, Lois and Lucy Lane — what does it all mean?

One thing we do know about Rhom and Ona is that they are rankless. This is a new idea entirely. We've heard of the House of El before, but it's possible that fans never considered what life was like for regular people on Krypton. Honestly? It doesn't seem great. At the top are House Vex, House Zod, and House Em. They are the members of various guilds, politicians, and military commanders. The middle class seems to include followers of that creepy gold-headed Voice of Rao and the Sagitari army/law enforcement. Everyone else lives at the literal bottom of Kandor in scrappy clothing, and rather than be exiled, the House El joined them.

Do the rankless worship Rao? The deity shares his name with Krypton's red sun, by the way. Could this caste system exist because of them? Another rankless character is Kem, the barkeep friend of Seg-El. He seems to be making the most of his life — though if he is the bad guy Kem-L from DC comics, he could be joining Seg's house at some point in the series. For what it's worth, Lyta's intended husband Dev-Em is in DC comics as well. So it is entirely possible that Rhom and Ona will either become affiliated with a known character or grow into one over time.

For now, Rhom and Ona also serve as a reminder that Seg's loyalties lie with the common folk of Kandor. Even if he rises through the ranks, his family built a legacy on the ground when they were rankless. He can't abandon the community that raised him, even while on this Back To The Future mission with Adam Strange. His grandfather Val-El was also trying to help people. Even without rank, it's in their blood.

“It makes [Seg] more relatable being rankless,” said showrunner Cameron Welsh in an interview with Variety. “He’s got a big road ahead of him when we meet him. He’s become detached, disconnected from the past. He’ll learn the Els, for many generations, are woven into what makes Krypton special.”

Characters like Rhom, Ona, and possibly Kem may not be in the Kryptonian history books but they are important. The way through which they will become woven in to the mythology on Krypton is not yet known, but it's super exciting for fans to watch unfold.