CoverGirl's Newest Brand Ambassadors Are Another Refreshing Step Toward Beauty Inclusivity

Diversity of race, background, gender, and age continues to define CoverGirl, as evidenced by the behemoth drugstore brand's latest selection of spokespeople. Athletes Shelina Moreda and Massy Arias have just been announced as the latest CoverGirl brand ambassadors. They join a lineup that includes pop stars like Katy Perry, Zendaya, and Janelle Monae, Internet make up guru James Charles, Food Network star Ayesha Curry, and actors Issa Rae and Sofia Vergara. The brand just added the breathtaking Maye Musk, who is 69, to its repertoire of representatives, as well.

Clearly CoverGirl, which was recently named the brand to which millennials are most loyal, is committed to inclusivity in all forms. In that same study, CoverGirl also had the distinction of being the brand to which Generation X and Baby Boomers are also most loyal. Having a quality assortment of products and a wide variety of reps from unique personal and professional backgrounds is likely why CoverGirl is reaching women of all generations.

The diverse selection of spokespeople allows everyday women and girls of all ages, skin tones, and interests to feel represented and considered by the brand.

So who are Moreda and Arias? They are infinitely cool women who will inspire girls to be proud of who they are and what they like. Throw each of them a follow on Instagram due to their general off-the-charts-awesomeness.

As reported by Allure, Moreda is an international pro motorcycle road racer who has the distinction of being the first female to race a motorcycle at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Arias is a personal trainer, famous for sharing her fitness tips and tricks on her heavily followed Insta. She also rocks a serious smattering of awesome tattoos.

These appointments of active athletes remind us that women in any role and career can love makeup, without diluting her badassness. You can be a female in a male-dominated profession and wear makeup while commanding respect. That was something Moreda acknowledged — her gorgeous, lined eyes set her apart from the men in her field while underneath the helmet.

In a statement, Moreda said, "My partnership with CoverGirl shows the world that it's okay to have an active, yet powerful career and still value feeling pretty. I am happy that I'm able to encourage other people to unapologetically be themselves, pursue what they love, and share it with the world."

This! The sentiment should live on a T-shirt.

Arias is "sorry, not sorry" about wearing makeup to the gym, which is her domain.

"It's really a personal choice, and I wish there wan't so much judgment around it," she says to Allure. "If the flick of a cat-eye or a brick red lip gives you some extra motivation and feeling of, 'I got this,' why not go for it? CoverGirl's belief that you can wear makeup when, where, and however you want is really about personal transformation — just like fitness."

This is an increasing trend in the beauty world. The recently-launched CliniqueFit and e.l.f. ACTIVE makeup lines were designed to withstand a workout and for post-exercise touch ups.

Both Moreda and Arias have unique perspectives on makeup mores and beauty standards. Both are confident and unapologetic regarding their makeup choices, wearing product whenever they want because it makes them feel good. And that is the entire point of cosmetics.

The duo now have an even more powerful and expansive platform as CoverGirls, so their message about makeup can reach millions of girls all over the world.

CoverGirl is clearly embracing people of all backgrounds and identities, showing the world the power of makeup as an instrument of change rather than a frivolous pursuit.