Chris Harrison Has A 'Bachelor' Surprise Coming

Surprise! On Monday night during Nick Viall's Bachelor finale, Chris Harrison teased us all once again saying there would be a historic moment that has never happened before on The Bachelor live stage. Of course, Bachelor Nation is used to this kind of pins and needles business from the host, but it doesn't take away the anticipation for what it could be. What could the After The Final Rose surprise be? Will Nick get married tonight? There are so many options for what the moment could be.

I am honestly banking on Nick getting married live on stage tonight. Guys, can you imagine? How perfect would that be? It just seems like something he would do. After all, he has spent a lot of his adult life going through the various Bachelor franchises and putting his whole self on the line for it, so it would make a lot of sense for him to commit to marriage on the show as well. Also, Nick has had enough heartbreak in the past that he may just be looking to lock this engagement down right away. Can you blame him if that is the case tonight? He has been through the wringer for sure.

Of course, this historic announcement could be something even crazier like another dual Bachelorette situation. Maybe the unfortunate runner-up from tonight's finale will be joining Rachel like Kaitlyn and Britt did for their season. I truly hope that isn't the case but you really never know with this show. Nick could also be announcing that he changed his mind or decided to stay single because with Nick, you can really never be sure. His conflicted attitude during this finale (and most of the season) wouldn't make the possibility of no one winning too far-fetched.

Whatever the announcement is, I am sure it will be worth the wait. Chris Harrison would never lie to us, right?