Here Are 5 Shady People Gabriel Might Be Calling On 'HTGAWM'


How to Get Away With Murder is back with more uncovered secrets, lies, and general chaos from Annalise’s murder crew and associates. In the winter premiere, there were a ton of flashbacks alongside current happenings that left fans with even more questions than answers like who did Gabriel Maddox call after discovering the truth about his dad. There’s are a few suspects but anything is possible in this constant web of mayhem.

The mid-season premiere picked up at the previous cliffhanger with sneaky Gabriel insisting that he only stole Annalise’s keys and broke into her apartment to check on her and get answers about his father, Sam Keating. Yeah, that sounds exactly like something a normal person would do, right?

Annalise offers him a drink and spills the beans about how his dad was basically one of the sorriest people on the planet. She insists that Gabriel was better off without Sam in his life, which leaves Gabriel crying and heartbroken on his apartment floor. Awww…maybe Gabriel isn’t the dangerous weirdo that we assumed him to be, right? Wrong.

Just when we started to feel sorry for Gabriel, he left a suspicious voicemail to an unknown person. “Hey. I screwed up,” said Gabriel. “They found out who I am. Can you call me back?” Oh Gabriel, you just had to be a little rat. He claims he just wants to know the truth about his dad, but that's an obvious lie.

Someone is in cahoots with Gabriel to stir up some trouble and it might be any one of these people:

Hannah Keating

It’s been a long time since HTGAWM fans have seen Sam’s sister Hannah, but it’s possible that she’s involved in this scheme. Hannah hasn’t been a fan of Annalise since Sam’s first marriage was busted up and she has always been suspicious about the circumstances around her brother’s death.

Sam and Hannah were also very close, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she knew about Gabriel. Hannah could have found a way to somehow insert herself into Gabriel’s life without revealing that she was actually his aunt. She could be using him to dig up the truth about Sam and seek revenge on Annalise for good.

Vivian Maddox


Gabriel has been know to tell a lie or five. He told Annalise that his mom doesn’t know what is going on, but what if she is in on this whole scheme? It wouldn’t make sense for him to still have a relationship with Vivian and somehow move to Pennsylvania to attend another law school without her knowledge.

And, she would obviously have a reason to still want revenge against Annalise. The big question with this would be why she decided to wait to so long to take action.

Lynne Birkhead

Eric McCandless/ABC

Governor Birkhead has obviously been digging up dirt on Annalise after revealed her knowledge about the adoption papers for Wes. But, could she have also found out about Gabriel as well. Perhaps Birkhead reached out to Gabriel and promised him money, answers about his father, and other incentives to work for her so she can take Annalise down.

It’s not too far-fetched, especially since Gabriel had a bag of money and a fake ID hidden in his apartment. But, if this is true, then Gabriel is a major idiot for enrolling at Middleton under his real name.


Annalise and Eve shippers may not want to hear this, but Eve might be up to no good. She knew about Gabriel and deliberately hid this information from Annalise for years before popping up randomly with Sam’s email.

How did she get that email, anyway? And, has Eve kept in contact with Gabriel or monitored him over the years? It’s not impossible to think that Eve could be playing both sides by communicating with Frank and Gabriel. But, what’s her motivation? It’s never simple with this show.

An Unknown Factor

This show’s side character cast is a rotating door because, well, a lot of people die. The mystery person who Gabriel called could simply be a new character that we haven’t been introduced to just yet. This person could have ties to Wes, Sam, or pretty much any past or present character and certainly throw a curveball into the whole situation.

Gabriel’s partner-in-potential-crime will be revealed soon and one thing is for sure – they are messing with the wrong people. Find out what’s going on every Thursday at 10 p.m. ET.