Who Is Blake E. From 'The Bachelorette’? He's A Totally Different Person IRL

ABC/Craig Sjodin

There really is nothing better than when ABC releases a new set of Bachelorette bios. Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette is here and after much anticipation, ABC has revealed the most diverse Bachelor cast of all time. In the mix is Bachelorette contestant (and Aspiring Drummer) Blake Elarbee. We first met Blake at Nick’s Viall’s After The Final Rose, and I won’t lie, he was pretty awkward. He came out, hugged Rachel and told her she smelled good, following it up with "Go ahead and take pictures now. This will be our first…" Chris Harrison then introduced him in The Bachelorette Facebook live video, joking that at 31 years old, he might want to give up on his dream of being a drummer.

Then the Bachelorette bios came out and here’s what we learned. Blake lives in Los Angeles and was once engaged to a “crazy girl.” (Sigh.) He revealed that they were engaged for 48 hours. He prefers a girl who’s fit and curvy, but he's a “sucker for a nice butt and a beautiful smile.” Not surprising, he says in the bio that his favorite flower is a red rose, which most of the guys say. He really dislikes cats and would love to watch the new 50 Shades of Grey movie because he “loves taboo sexy stuff.” Watch out for his red room of pain, Rach. Beyond his basic profile, there’s a lot to know about Blake. So who is this aspiring drummer from California?

“Aspiring Drummer” Is His Side Job

According to his Instagram, Blake is actually a personal trainer. What a surprise! Bachelor Nation contestants never have that job. Maybe they put the drumming thing so it didn’t look like they brought on too many trainers this time around.

He Got His Bachelor Degree From Florida State University

To clear up the confusion, Blake made sure to post a photo of his bachelor degree. He got a Bachelor of Science degree in food & nutrition. He also put up proof that he’s certified to be a strength and conditioning specialist and sport nutrition specialist.

His Real Name Is William

His certifications also revealed that Blake is actually his middle name. His full name is William Blake Elarbee. Basically everything on his chyron is a lie.

He’s Obsessed With His Dog

His Instagram is full of photos of his pit bull Calvin. As if that wasn’t enough, Calvin has his own Instagram. I guess this explains his disdain for cat people.

Calvin Is Named After A Comic Strip

According to his dog’s Instagram, he’s named after the famous Calvin & Hobbes comic strip. Why? “Because like Calvin, I'm a crazy little white boy with a big imagination!”

He’s Really Strong

I think this takes skill. I would break my head opening attempting this.

He Was Allegedly The Victim Of A Catfish

Someone messaged him to let him know someone allegedly took his photos and put them on Tinder. “Imitation — the greatest form of flattery,” he captioned the pic.

He May Be A Gun Enthusiast

If this photo is any indication, Blake might be a big fan of guns … and bourbon.

He Really Wants You To Know He’s A Drummer

After Chris Harrison joked that at 31, he may want to give up on his drumming dream, Blake posted a photo collage of his drumming experience along with the caption: “15 years of glorious drumming! 4 years experience of Drumcorps International, FSU's Big8 Drumline, multiple bands, a record deal, and Endorsed by SJC Custom Drums. I have a lot to be thankful for. Music is my Passion but Fitness is my career. Who knows, maybe one day that will change😊. For now, you'll just have to head on over to YouTube @BlakeLosAngeles and get your fix.”

He Can Lift Two Tires At Once

So there’s that.

His Motorcycle Was Stolen In 2016

“Sometime between 2 and 6am, my most prized possession was taken from me,” he captioned a pic of the bike, “This setback doesn't just ruin my [sic] livelyhood, it will cost me about $10,000 in money still owed, and it severely affects my business.”

He’s Got Lots Of Abs

In case you couldn’t tell.

If I had to make a prediction about Blake right now, I say he may make it a few weeks, but not beyond that. He doesn’t seem like Rachel’s type. But there's always his fallback career of drumming if the Bach thing doesn't work out.