Nate Just Uncovered A Major Clue About Gabriel Maddox On 'HTGAWM'

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Just when you think you know someone on How To Get Away With Murder, Pete Nowalk and his team of dastardly (yeah, I said it) writers throw a total curveball that changes everything. After five seasons, we know that Bonnie had a horrific childhood followed by a slightly horrific adulthood at the hands of Annalise Keating (#itscomplicated with them), and now we know a little more — Bonnie wasn't an only child, and her sister allegedly stole the baby Bonnie thought was dead from the hospital. Who is Bonnie's sister on How To Get Away With Murder?

Viewers learned that Bonnie, who was sexually abused by her father, had a baby by one of her father's friends when she was 15. She gave birth and her father told her the baby had died. That was that. But really, we learned at the end of Season 4, Bonnie's child — a son — is alive and well and potentially (if Frank's leads are to be believed) at Middleton College masquerading as Gabriel Maddox (we'll get to that one later). But guess what? Everything we know is basically a lie, because Nate, never one to leave anything well enough alone, did even more digging on Bonnie to realize that yes, her baby is alive; and yes, he was stolen from the hospital where he was abandoned.

Going to Annalise about this whole thing revealed another bombshell — the women who Nate saw in the security footage taking that baby back wasn't Bonnie. It was Bonnie's sister. Say what? Naturally, fans had plenty to say about the reveal, and many threw out the theory that Bonnie's evil twin has taken over her life. It's been the evil twin this whole time?! I wouldn't put anything past this writing team.

Honestly though, that evil twin thing has legs, if only because How To Get Away With Murder can be such a mess of chaos and theory sometimes. Bonnie's never really spoken about her sister, and yet Annalise knew that Bonnie has or had a sister. What's up with that? Annalise is omniscient, sure, but this is a huge secret.

Let's say that Frank is right and Gabriel Maddox is Bonnie's kid. According to Gabriel's real driver's license, his name is Mark Jackson and he's from Chicago, Illinois. Gabriel has all sorts of tricks and clues and radios and burner phones and secret duffel bags hidden in fireplaces that he's immediately suspect. Where did he come from, and who is he, actually?

Using a fake name and spy equipment on the regular makes it seem like he's out to find his birth mother, but there's truly no sense in going through Annalise Keating to do it. Or in spending the money on law school when he can simply just, uh, find Bonnie in the phone book. She's listed under "Winterbottom" and also "dependent on her calculating ex-boss."

No, Gabriel is clearly looking for something more, and it may involve not his biological mother but his adoptive mother instead. What's scarier, though, is that viewers (nor Bonnie nor anyone else, really) know Gabriel's game. Now that we know about Bonnie's sister, it's clear that Bonnie's family could be even more dangerous than ever — even the young man that could be her son.