Brittany & Her Mom Are Peas In A 'Vanderpump' Pod

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No sooner did Brittany Cartwright appear on Vanderpump Rules as Jax’s new girlfriend did I realize that these two were destined for their own spinoff. Sweet Southern girl, gristled L.A. man — it’s like Green Acres, but with a better tan. Vanderpump Rules: Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky is nearly here, and with it comes all of Brittany’s life back at home. Who is Brittany’s mom on this Vanderpump Rules spinoff? Sherri Cartwright and her daughter are BFFs.

We first met Sherri on Vanderpump Rules — she visited the SURvers on a weekend jaunt to Los Angeles, during which she was brought to Jax’s birthday roast, which was not great, because his friends said all sorts of awful things about him in front of his girlfriend’s mother. Sherri also got to watch Brittany and Jax fight about Sherri’s questions about all of the awful things that Jax’s friends said about him during the roast. Sherri seemed uncomfortable that the Toms (Sandoval and Schwartz) made a reference to Jax making out with another man, and it was… awkward. It wasn’t the show’s finest moment — let’s say that. Sherri went home shortly after, fences mended, and now the show is flipping to her home turf — Winchester, Kentucky.

Brittany was raised on a literal working tobacco farm, so Jax is in for a rude awakening when he gets to Kentucky. (For the record, Sherri seems to like Jax, and she wants he and her daughter to get hitched.) And, she loves her kid so much. Her Twitter is full of pictures of Brittany and Sherri hanging out in Los Angeles:

As seen on her Twitter and in her sole (yes, really, there’s only one) Instagram photo, Sherri favors a selfie, preferably with her daughter. Sherri tweets about The Voice and parties she goes to in Kentucky, and that’s about all — basically normal mom-level stuff. It seems to me that the one thing that we need to know about Sherri Cartwright is how much she loves her kids. Her social media is a shrine to them, and I think that’s sweet. It also shows how much she likes Jax, because he’s in some of the photos, too. Jax may from the West Coast, but if he can get in with Sherri from the south, he must not be so bad, right? I’m looking forward to getting to know Sherri Cartwright better on Vanderpump Rules: Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky.