Caroline & Arie Share A Major 'Bachelor' Trait

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Through the first episode of this season’s The Bachelor (supervising producer: Deborah Read), the contestants after Arie’s heart were whittled down from 29 to 21 hopefuls. One of them is Bachelor contestant Caroline. She was the first to make a first impression with Arie, although, a bit ironically, she would miss out on earning the first impression rose. But, if you want to know more about her than the fact that she was the first to exit the limos and meet Arie, you've come to the right place.

Much of what we know about Caroline is from her ABC bio. Her height: 5’10’’, her age: 26, and her hometown of Holliston, Massachusetts. It also revealed that she is eager to be a dog-mom with the right man as a dog-dad. For now, though, she has no pets or tattoos. She does have a pet plant though, named Phil. If she were to become a fictional character, she would love to be Wonder Woman. As for real-life people to whom she aspires, she listed several, including: Vince Vaughn, Betty White, Ryan Reynolds, and Celine Dion. It makes sense that many of the people she really enjoys and idolizes are film stars because according to Reality TV World, she graduated from the NY Film Academy in Los Angeles. She also studied Broadcast Journalism at Suffolk University. You may also be interested to learn that Caroline was 2014’s Miss Massachusetts.

Paul Hebert/ABC

Professionally, she is a realtor, just like this season’s Bachelor. According to AZCentral, Arie sold $13 million in real estate this past year, in and around Scottsdale. With their shared profession, it makes one wonder… could they have a reality show in their future if they end up together?

It’s pretty standard at this point for Bachelor or Bachelorette contestants to appear on other TV shows. Former contestants have appeared on shows like Celebrity Wife Swap and Dancing with the Stars. How fun would it be to watch a newly engaged Bachelor couple making and designing their dream-home together with cameras there to film it all? Surely the pair would be down for it, if they were willing to have cameras around during their courtship and all.

Moreover, Caroline’s Miss USA bio read that she “hopes to one day have her own TV show.” This seems like it may be the time to make that dream come true — if she winds up with Arie, that is. There's even a TV hole for it, Flip or Flop now ending and Fixer Upper in its last season.


As for what else we can learn about Caroline, there is plenty of additional info that is available with a bit of internet sleuthing, thanks in large party to her social media profiles. A recent tweet of hers revealed that she supposedly “cries more during movies and TV shows” than anyone.

Meanwhile, her Instagram profile reveals that she’s an avid hockey fan, with several photos of her at NHL games supporting the Boston Bruins.

Whether Arie and Caroline wind up together at the end of this whirlwind romantic series is anyone’s guess. Although it should be noted that some outlets are indeed pegging her as one of the frontrunners. What is clear though, is that Caroline is a contestant worth keeping an eye on, and she’s got as good a chance as anyone to win Arie’s heart — especially since that share a profession that could easily be turned into even more cash with the right TV spinoff. Love first, then money, amiright? It may not be able to buy love, but it does make love a little sweeter.