Alison From 'Ghosts' Has A Cool Connection To Michael Sheen That Goes WAY Back

'Ghosts'/BBC/Button Hall

BBC1's new comedy series Ghosts is finally here and you won't want to miss it. With cast and production members from Horrible Histories this comedy looks like it'll be pretty spooky. Leading the cast alongside Kiell Smith-Bynoe is Charlotte Ritchie, who plays Alison, a woman who inherits a haunted house with her partner Mike (Smith-Bynoe) and must deal with the angry, territorial ghosts that lurk within it. Ritchie has a pretty amazing acting career under her belt so far but, for those who are unfamiliar with her work, here is a little deep dive into who Charlotte Ritchie is.

Ritchie got her acting start at the age of just 15 in a short film, according to the Daily Mail. The actress starred as lead Vera in The Open Doors, appearing opposite British heavyweight actor Michael Sheen. That's a pretty stellar start if you ask me.

Ritchie's next big role was on the hit show Fresh Meat where she played uni student Oregon for five years, all while she was a university student herself at Bristol University, the Independent reports. She told the newspaper:

"Recording coincided with my last two weeks of university — I hadn't even finished my dissertation yet! I never anticipated the show would be such a hit, but even when I looked at the script for the first time, I had never felt like I wanted something so much before."
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Even though her university experience coincided with her portrayal of Oregon, Ritchie has said their experiences were very different. She continued to the Independent: "Unlike Oregon, I didn't sleep with any of my tutors. I wasn't even tempted! She defines herself by the company she's in, and is always trying to be someone she's not."

Ritchie isn't just an actor, however. She has many a string to her bow, with a music career under her belt too. She's a member of classical crossover music group All Angels and has been in the group in 2006 after being selected following an audition process. The group sings opera-pop hybrid and have been really successful since their inception releasing four albums and performing at the classical BRIT ceremony in 2007, the website reveals. The group also had a cameo appearance on Emmerdale, performing 'Songbird' at Jimmy King and Kelly Windsor's wedding on the show, according to Digital Spy.

Ritchie has been making some serious waves in the television world, having joined the cast of Siblings and Call The Midwife in recent years, as the BBC reports. Ritchie played Nurse Barbara Hereward on Call The Midwife until she decided to leave and her character was killed off after catching septicaemia, according to the Radio Times. So emotional. Ritchie told the Radio Times:

"It seemed like a good time to go. They ask you to commit quite early on in the year to the show. And I always wanted to do it, but I also felt that I’d done three different series for the last five years, and thought it might be good to slightly try and branch out and try something new."

Ritchie's new role as Alison on Ghosts looks like it'll be pretty fun one and a little different from her previous roles. Alison and her partner Mike inherit a huge mansion, which they want to turn into a hotel. What they don't realise when they inherit the house, however, is that the it's haunted by a group of ghosts.

Writer Jim Howick told the BBC that the writers were inspired by Danny Dyer's story about his aristocratic lineage. He said: “We’ve mirrored this with our character Alison, who discovers her aristocratic roots, which she embraces immediately and takes on with relish.”

Ghosts premieres on BBC1 at 9.30 p.m. on April 15.