Cheryl's Friends Reportedly Have A Surprising New Love Interest In Mind For Her

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It's been almost a month since Cheryl and Liam Payne announced their split. The couple are believed to have started dating in late 2015, and they stayed together for more than two years before deciding to separate this summer. However, rumour has it, Cheryl won't remain single for much longer. Apparently, friends of the singer have been suggesting that a new man could be on the scene. So who is Cheryl dating?

Well, according to The Sun, Cheryl's pals think they've found her perfect match; Adam, the brother of her Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley Walsh. The newspaper claims, "Cheryl's pals think Kimberley Walsh’s 'hot' brother Adam is her 'perfect man' following her split from Liam Payne," quoting an unnamed source who explained, "Cheryl sees him quite a bit due to her friendship with Kimberley and he’s obviously someone she can trust and be herself with him." Sounds promising, doesn't it?

Although this must be the first you've head of the rumour, Cheryl and Adam actually go way back. The pair reportedly met in the early days of Girls Aloud, and Cheryl has always had plenty of positive things to say about him. According to The Sun, in an interview that dates back to the early '00s, Cheryl said of Adam: "We’d never met before but we just clicked and everything’s going great. He’s like the male version of me and we’re getting along just fine."

Well, who better to date than a version of yourself? No fights over Netflix, no debates over the takeaway order, no horror in the shower when you discover they wash their hair and body with the same Original Source shower gel. Idyllic!

But what do we actually know about Adam, then? Well, he's a fashion designer and a manufacturer who recently launched a children's clothing line with his sister Kimberley, as reported by The Sun.

Kimberley first announced their new venture, Kimba Kids, during an appearance on Loose Women — and the interview generated a lot of attention. Unfortunately, it was more focused around Adam than their clothing range, with viewers taking to Twitter to express their attraction to him afterwards.

If you think you recognise Adam, that might be because you've seen him on the telly. In addition to appearing on Loose Women, according to Closer, Adam also featured in TV series Heartbeat.

However, he then ditched acting to work in the fashion industry full-time.

Previously, Adam has also made the odd appearance on Kimberley's Instagram account. In April, she posted this snap (above) of her brother, alongside her sisters, where the comments quickly filled with longing. A man in high demand, then.

But what about Liam?

While appearing on Loose Women, Kimberley told viewers that Cheryl's split from Payne was "obviously tough", but added, "she’s doing really well", as reported by The Sun. Baby Bear's already close to the Walsh family, Kimberley said — specifically, Kimberley's sons, Bobby and Cole. "We’ve both got young boys the same age, so we get together all the time," she said. "I was there last week, we had a BBQ. Just seeing the kids playing together, this new phase we’re in in our lives is actually so lovely."

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No stomach-churning meet the family moment needed if Cheryl and Adam get serious, then — she's already in with the Walshes.

Of course, whatever direction Cheryl does decide to take next, it probably won't be easy. Commenting on breaking up with Liam, Cheryl said in a statement that it was "a tough decision for us to make." However, they are going to remain a family unit for the sake of their one-year-old son.

Urgh. I hate break-ups. I can't imagine how tough everything must have been for Cheryl after ending her relationship with Liam, but one thing's for sure, she been super strong about it all.

If the rumours are true and she is moving on, then good for her. Everyone deserves to be happy.

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