You Might Not Remember Christian From Becca's Season, But You Will After 'BiP'

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Now that Bachelor in Paradise is in full swing, it seems like it's time to add new cast members to the mix — including one that some fans may not be familiar with. While most contestants this season are ones who made waves on The Bachelor or Bachelorette recently, Christian Estrada is still a bit of a mystery, and yet now, it seems he's headed to paradise. Christian was on Becca Kufrin's Bachelorette season, but he didn't last long, and now, he's getting another shot at reality TV love.

If you're not quite remembering Christian, you're not the only one, and there's an easy explanation for that. Unfortunately, he got sent home on night one, but then again, so did Grocery Store Joe, and look at him now. There could be major potential here that Becca missed out on.

But being that he got sent home so quickly, fans didn't get a real chance to get to know him, but that's what the internet is for. And thanks to Christian's ABC bio, we do know a little bit about what he's like. To start, he's a 29-year-old banker from San Diego (28 at the time of The Bachelorette filming).

"Born in Mexico, Christian moved to the U.S. with his mother when he was three," his bio said. "A natural athlete, he played semi-professional soccer in the States until an injury forced him to retire. Christian's biggest date fear is spilling something on himself in front of our Bachelorette."

It also seems like Christian could be bringing the drama to paradise (as if there isn't enough already) or, at the very least, he'll be a part of it. As he revealed when he shared a post on his Instagram featuring a clip from BIP, it seems like he's the one fighting with Jordan Kimball in the promo for the season.

How that ends up happening? At this point, it's anyone's guess... but yes, the cops will be involved.

However, regardless of Christian's involvement in this fight, it looks like he's at least managed to stay on good terms with the other guys on Becca's season... even if he wasn't there for very long. Last September, he posted a photo from Men Tell All with Kamil and Jake, congratulating Colton Underwood on being named the next Bachelor:

He also spent time with the guys of The Bachelorette last summer — including Jordan, who he supposedly now has beef with — so chances are good that there are people he's happy to reconnect with on BIP. Then again, if his interaction with Jordan is really going to play out the way it did on that promo... maybe not.

Hopefully, fans will get to know Christian better when he arrives on Bachelor in Paradise — and maybe this time, he'll get just a little bit more screen time than he did on The Bachelorette. If nothing else, it definitely looks like he will keep things on the beach very interesting.

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